HTC Responds to Apple Patent Lawsuit

HTC has sent out a press release (opens in new tab) in response to the patent infringement lawsuit Apple recently fired in their direction. CEO Peter Chou is quoted:

“HTC disagrees with Apple’s actions and will fully defend itself. HTC strongly advocates intellectual property protection and will continue to respect other innovators and their technologies as we have always done, but we will continue to embrace competition through our own innovation as a healthy way for consumers to get the best mobile experience possible.”

The full presser lists out all of HTC's "firsts" in the industry but gives no indication about what, if any, counter-suit and patent infringement claims of their own they might use to return fire.

We did say this could take years, right?

Rene Ritchie

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  • Let's get ready to Rumble!!!!!!!!! Will this fight go the full 12 rounds or will Htc go down for the count early in the 1st or 2nd round ?????
  • Htc supersonic here I come
  • Steve Jobs is a douchebag. Really? He's suing over MULTI-TOUCH?
    I hope HTC sues over screen swipes.
  • More power to them. I can't help but root for the little guy (relatively speaking). But I still believe there's a 30% chance this ends in Apple acquiring HTC.
  • Hope HTC kills apple in court. Love the iPhone, hate the pricks behind it.
  • I'm surprised why apple didn't sued for multi touch .... As they have already patented it?????
    Go apple go kick some htc butts
  • USA. Worst patent system. Ever.
  • PS - Rene, that Khan image is not only terribly contrary to Chou's position (actual or stated) it's borderline offensive. Also hilarious. But really, does this mean Steve is Kirk? Apple is the Federation? HTC is a bunch of mutant Asians? HTC is does by hubris? (WTF?)
    Sorry mein freund, but the metaphor's just not workin' for me . . .
  • Go Apple! More power to ya! You own a patent? Defend it or lose it.
  • Sticking around till July n see what apple has to offer. The n1 has been released to be compatible with AT&T 3g networks so there is actually a very good android phone with my name written (literatly you can laser engrave ur own n1) all over it. The iPhone was a great revolutionary product back in 2007 but I'm bored with it eventough I have it jb. I guess I'll be unlocking my 3gs n putting it for sale on eBay 2 get my n1. Thnx apple you've made my decision alot easier
  • I made Nokia Romulans, the Borg will obviously be Google one day, and Klingons didn't seem right. So, while aesthetically Steve Jobs' features might have better suited Kahn, to keep the Star Trek motif going, this disturbing image had to be made. Apologies to all involved, no eyes were meant to be hurt in the process.
  • Rene, I have no idea what you just said!?
  • Clearly Apple would be Ferengei, for any TNG or DS9 people. Hoping against hope that a judge throws every patent out that apple sues over when they realize apple didn't invent a damn thing, just filed the patent paperwork for it first.
  • Looks like this Apple... puts on sunglasses Has gone rotten
  • fight fight fight fight fight fight....
  • @Lady Kaede
    Are you talking again?