Hub by Premier Inn is a new smart hotel controlled by your iPhone and iPad

Hub by Premier Inn

Not to be mistaken as leaked photos from the set of the new Stars Wars movie, Hub by Premier Inn is a new hotel opening in London later this year. Futuristic rooms at the hotel will be available from November and will contain enough connected gadgetry to excite anyone with an iPhone or iPad. The company has released an app for iOS and Android in preparation of the London Hub opening, which will be able to control everything from lights to booking and food ordering.

With the official app installed, guests will be able to book rooms in a matter of minutes (and manage said bookings thereafter), browse through the breakfast menu for the morning and control some of the available features inside the room itself. Fancy changing the channel on the 40-inch Smart TV? Done. Want to increase the temperature and reduce the lighting ever-so slightly? You got it. Everything carried out through the app. It's an interesting, yet super cool feature.

There's also super-fast Wi-Fi available throughout. While the first hotel to open its doors isn't quite ready, you can already download the app from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Check it out and let us know your thoughts. It's reported that a further 10 Hub by Premier Inn hotels are planned to open their doors over the next three years (both in London and elsewhere in the UK).

Find out more over on the Hub by Premier Inn website.

Via: Pocket-lint

Rich Edmonds