Charge your Apple AirPods wirelessly with the $50 HyperJuice adapter

The Qi wireless charging standard has taken over, and we need to get all our technology caught up. The Apple AirPods, for example, call themselves wireless but still charge with a cord. Well, kiss that goodbye thanks to the new HyperJuice wireless charger adapter made specifically for AirPods.

All you have to do is snap the adapter onto the AirPods charging case and it makes the setup chargeable from any 5W Qi wireless charger, like Anker's charging pad or this one from RAVPower.

It will take 1.5 hours to fully charge the AirPods charging case, and the adapter has LEDs that let you know the progress. Orange LEDs show that it's charging, and green LEDs indicate when it is done.

Apple just made a whole bunch of huge announcements this week, and none of them covered improvements to AirPods or AirPower, which was supposed to be Apple's wireless charging solution. Until that technology becomes a reality, the $49.99 HyperJuice adapter is the best option available.

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John Levite

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