iMore show 577: Treehouse of Pre-Orders X

In this year's Halloween special, Gandalf (aka Mikah), Gilligan (aka Lory), and a Pokémon Trainer (aka Rene) embark on a 54 minute tour aboard the S.S. iMore to talk about their experiences pre-ordering iPhone X.

They also discuss privacy, FUD, 'gates, and the most terrifying aspect of iPhone ownership: accidental damage!

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Jim Metzendorf

Jim Metzendorf has been using Macs since 1994. He is a podcaster, freelance audio/video editor, and author of ‘The Professional's Guide to Audio Podcast Production'. Jim also teaches audio production at a college in Cleveland, Ohio. Follow him on Twitter: @jmetzendorf

  • The folio case was not available on Apple‘s website. That’s OK because I’ve been purchasing one from this company every time I buy an iPhone and I think it’s the best quality and really good leather.
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  • Entertaining podcast. I'm still on the fence about the price, but it isn't something i won't get over. Keep these podcasts coming !
  • just wait for it to come in the house
  • I had an issue 12:00 a.m with the Apple Store app on my phone and made the decision to to go to my provider Verizon. I had my upgrade completed by 12:03 and immediately got my email confirmation for Nov. 3rd. I went the way of my provider because when I got my iPhone 7 Plus I got it from my Apple Store and just swapped my sim and I was off to the the races. It was never recognized with Verizon but worked fine. So, my order was processed as an upgrade ($30 ding.) The best part is I’m sending my sister my iPhone 7 Plus. I’m upgrading her iPhone 5.!