Improvements to the App Store make it 'the biggest release since the initial launch'

Apple knows that apps can make or break a platform. Finding the apps is just as important, so the App Store is getting a major update in iOS 8. Apple is calling it the biggest release since the launch of the App Store, and with these changes we're not going to disagree.

The highlights include:

  • Trending searches to help you see apps that are popular
  • Explore tab to give you a starting point for app discovery
  • Vertical scrolling in search, and a faster search to help you find that content
  • Related searches will make for great app discovery
  • Editor's Choice logo for finding the best apps
  • App preview videos
  • Finally (and this is a huge), developers can build app bundles for multiple apps at a discount with one tap. This is a great way for developers to show us their other apps, and a great way for us to save a few dollars and some time.

Here at iMore, we can't wait to see the new App Store, what do you think?

Jerry Hildenbrand

I'm an RHCE and Electrical Engineer who loves gadgets of all kinds. You'll find my writings across Mobile Nations and you can hit me on Twitter if you want to say hey.