Apple must sell locally-sourced goods to open up shop in India, government says

A new report claims that the Indian government won't be granting Apple an exception to its rules for for opening retail stores in the country, which state that at least 30% of the value in the store's product sales must come from local sources.

According to Reuters

A change in legislation last year exempted foreign retailers selling high-tech goods from the rule, which states 30 percent of the value of goods sold in the store should be made in India. However, Apple's products were not considered to be in this category, said the official, who has direct knowledge of the matter. He declined to be named as the decision by the finance ministry is not public. A finance ministry spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

If true, this rule is a step back in Apple's retail plans for India. CEO Tim Cook recently went on a four-day tour of the country to help, and reportedly part of his mission was to get Indian officials to sign off on the company's store plans. Reuters adds that Apple reportedly had planned to open three stores in India by the end of 2017.

John Callaham

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