India's Prime Minister meets with Tim Cook, and asks for Apple to make devices in his country

Apple CEO Tim Cook held a meeting on Saturday with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During the meeting, Modi asked Cook if Apple could open a manufacturing plant in his country.

Modi met with Cook as part of the prime minister's tour of the Silicon Valley area this weekend. The Times of India stated:

"The Prime Minister (in his meeting with Cook) said he would like Apple to start manufacturing in India. He mentioned the huge opportunities India offered," Ministry of external affairs spokesman Vikas Swarup told reporters."Cook responded positively. I think India does fits into his long term plans. He particularly was interested in the whole App development economy, which he said could be a very very important factor for entrepreneurship where individual app developers can just become part of the app universe," he said.

The spokesperson also said that Cook told Modi that India itself had a special place for Apple due to the fact that its co-founder Steve Jobs visited India beforehand. Cook said that Jobs received inspiration from that trip to India that helped him to create Apple.

Source: Times of India

John Callaham

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  • Now if we could get obama to meet with him and ask him for them to be made here in America......
  • They already do for some lines, like Mac Pros and some of the components in various iOS/Mac are made in US before being shipped to China. However, the only time Apple will move manufacturing back to US is when they can be automated by robots. As long US has strict regulations and wage protections for its citizens, no company is going to invest here unless they can find a way to bypass wages for the employees, which they have via automatic robotics.
  • Americans would demand way to much to make them, so I doubt that would work.
  • I suspect India will be Apple's next focus once China has been saturated. India is the next major huge market and Apple is smart enough to know this. The only problem is that they have to drop the prices first as it is still too expensive.
  • I bet India will be their big second hand market now that they are pushing iPhone yearly upgrade plans.
  • Yes that seems more like a possibility, considering a new iPhone retails for about INR 55,000 and the average income of Indian middle class per month is lower than that. Posted via the iMore App for Android