While Apple has been said to be looking to shore up it's cloud service offerings, the companies efforts in the area have reportedly been stymied by political infighting. Conflict is said to been brewing between Apple's Siri and iCloud teams, and one senior engineer, Steve D'Aurora, is reported to have resigned.

Infighting reportedly slowing Apple's efforts to improve cloud services

From The Information (paywall):

The engineering conflict, which has delayed development of the new infrastructure, stems from Apple's decision last year to extend the cloud-computing platform that powers Siri, and which is run by Mr. Gates's group, to other Apple services including iTunes, iMessage and iCloud. That threatened an engineering group overseen by Eric Billingsley which currently runs iCloud and many of the other Apple Internet services.

Apple is reportedly looking to have this project completed by mid-2017. The teams said to be involved in this conflict are also rumored to be working on an effort to move Apple's iCloud infrastructure in-house, decreasing its dependence on third parties.