Thinking back to the hype surrounding the launch of the first iPhone, with podcasters stomping their Treo's on the floor of Moscone West and customers waiting in line outside the New York Apple Store for weeks, it's hard to imagine that interest in the iPad could be even bigger, but that's what ChangeWave's survey just may be telling us.

Gizmodo notices something interesting as well:

The lowest end and the highest end [iPad] win, with 19% each. With the 64GB Wi-Fi getting only 8% and the 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G version getting 9% of the interest. 68% of the people interested in it want to surf the internet, 44% for email, 37% for eBooks, 28% for the reading magazines and other periodicals, and only 24% for watching video.

Is 2007, a lot of people wanted something new from a smartphone and the iPhone was the first thing in a long time with that promise. In 2007, there are 75 million iPhone-platform devices on the market, so is there simply more awareness? Most people need a phone, we can't see most people needing a tablet... or is this measuring more want than need anyway?

[Digital Daily via Gizmodo]