iO5 5 has a hidden auto-correct word bar, can be enabled without jailbreak

iOS 5 appears to have a hidden word correction bar which can be enabled without the need for a jailbreak. Discovered by Sonny Dickson, the word correction bar works in a very similar way to Android devices. If you want to turn on the auto-correct bar, the good news is that you do not have to have a jailbroken device. Having said that, it is a bit fiddly -- editing plists and restoring backups, just like the hidden camera panorama mode discovered on Monday -- so if you decide to try it, be careful and remember this is at your own risk!

The hack appears to work on the iPhone, iPad  and iPod touch. If you give this one a go, let is know what you think of it! To check out how to do it, hit the link below!

Source: Sonny Dickson via 9to5Mac


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