MailSource: Joseph Keller/iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple released iOS 13.4 beta 1 yesterday.
  • It fixes the most ridiculous of mistakes in iOS 13.
  • We now have icons for moving and flagging emails again.

Apple has undone the madness that was its decision to remove the icons for moving and flagging messages in the Mail app on iPhone. As of iOS 13.4 beta 1, those icons are back where they belong – in the toolbar.

Earlier versions of iOS 13 inexplicably did away with those two icons, leaving just the trash and reply buttons visible. That meant that people invariably accidentally deleted messages when they wanted to reply to them. And it was just plain old maddening.

iOS Mail app toolberSource: iMore

With iOS 13.4.1 installed users of iPhones will have four buttons to choose from; trash, move, flag, and reply. And it's a thing of wonder.

Like, I'm wondering why the flag and move buttons were ever removed in the first place! Let's hope they don't go missing again!