10 million people use iPhone emulator Delta, now it's coming to iPad

Delta Emulator on iPad playing GoldenEye
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Delta, the fantastic retro-gaming emulator available for iPhone since April, is now available for iPad in a new update.

Announced on Mastodon, Delta now supports Stage Manager, the iPad’s multitasking feature. This means you can have multiple instances of the emulator running on the tablet while using another app like Safari or YouTube. In addition to iPad support, Delta now uses a new ‘core’ for the Nintendo DS handheld. Cores are the app’s way of emulating certain systems. A benefit of this new core is that there’s no need to use the BIOS files. If you’re unsure what BIOS files are, we have a helpful guide that runs through all the definitions for using an emulator like Delta. From now on, it’s a matter of loading up a game and playing as you may have done with the other systems featured on Delta. There’s a lot more available in Delta 1.6, which EU users can download right now.

However, for everyone else in the world who has downloaded Delta from the App Store, Apple has rejected this new update. The app’s developer, Riley Testut, posted on Mastodon that the reason was due to the app featuring a link to his Patreon — which has been present on Delta since it was made available on the App Store in April. It’s a baffling rejection, and hopefully, the now-ten-million users who have downloaded Delta will be able to take advantage of 1.6 soon.

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I’ve been a Patreon supporter of Delta and Testut's work for a few years now, which means I’ve been using Delta 1.6 for a few months. Using the emulator on my iPad has been fantastic, especially since I realized early on that I could use Delta with the iPad Magic Keyboard. Playing some free Delta emulator games with this method has been so much fun.

However, Apple has shot itself in the foot by rejecting Delta 1.6 because of a Patreon link. For those unaware, Patreon lets anyone set up a profile that can host podcasts, creative drawings, and more behind a paywall. Delta’s Patreon allows users to download preview versions of Delta, as well as read about any insights that Testut may have about the app or anything else.

Apple’s decision is nonsensical. I’m hoping it’s a genuine error made by its App Store approval team so that Delta 1.6 can be made available worldwide soon.

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  • erikbock
    I love Apple's products but their reasons for rejecting app has always been so random. No clear direction there. App developers a dealing with a constant moving target.
  • FFR
    That’s it, only 10 million .