Ho Ho Ho - why I'm starting iPad Christmas shopping on Prime Day

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Thanks to Prime Day starting on July 11, I'm hoping that an iPad is going to see a great discount - and if it does, it'll be the first thing I buy as a Christmas gift.

While I'm torn between buying an iPad 10th Gen or an iPad mini as a gift, I'm also tempted to look at an iPad mini for myself. The smaller-sized tablet from Apple has always been a great one to consume content on, such as Apple TV Plus shows and reading comic books.

Apple has always been known to bring in great deals on its products for Amazon's bargain events across the year - from Prime Day to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While it's rare to see a discount on iPhones, iPads, AirPods, and some Macs have been known to see a 20% discount at least.

So with this in mind, this is why I'm looking to buy one for Christmas in July, rather than hoping that there'll be a similar deal to come on December 23.

Go small or go home?

iPad mini |$499$469 at Amazon

iPad mini | $499 $469 at Amazon

The iPad mini is another older tablet with some epic deals on it. Over Prime Day, we could well see an even lower price, so if you’ve been waiting for a little while, it might be worth stealing yourself for Prime Day.

I've always been a fan of the iPad mini, and my appreciation only got bigger once it saw a redesign that mirrored the iPad Pro back in 2021.

To have an all-screen iPad but at the size of a comic book has been appealing to me - but its lack of ProMotion, where the display runs at 120Hz, much like the iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro models and above, has always held me back from pulling the trigger.

However, if you see a bargain, you don't let it get away, as a deal in February proved, and if there's a good one to be found for iPad mini on July 11, I'll be there, ready to buy one for myself, and another as a Christmas gift for someone as well.

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    Times like Prime Day is a great time to look into gifts for Christmas and other events - which is what I'm doing now.

    Ho Ho Ho - why I'm starting iPad Christmas shopping on Prime Day : Read more
    Right! - However, as I happen to have commented elsewhere, a few minutes ago: the occasions used for special offers are rapidly filling the calendar. (Dates related to seasons, religions, nations, affection, sports events, payments, ...)