iPad Mini is back down at its lowest price, hours before the Far Out launch event

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This iPad Mini deal keeps cropping up this year, and each time it becomes increasingly tempting to drop the hammer and grab one. Over at Amazon, you'll currently save $100, bringing the base model with 64GB down to $399. This matches the iPad Mini's previous lowest price, and while it doesn't better it, it certainly makes the iPad that bit more affordable. Be careful with stock in different colors with this one - we've seen some colors go up and down in stock over the last couple of hours.

iPad Mini lowest price ever

iPad Mini 64GB |$499now $399 at Amazon

iPad Mini 64GB | $499 now $399 at Amazon

The iPad Mini is the perfect small-form tablet, offering big iPad performance at a smaller size and smaller price tag. It's also back to its lowest price, with a saving of $100. You can get $100 off the entire range, including the cellular version, although the lowest price is of course with the standard WiFi variant. Keep an eye out for the stock levels on the different colors here, some seem to be more available than others.

The 8.3-inch iPad Mini may not seem like one of the most important tablets in Apple's line-up, but it very arguably is. The A15 chip inside is mighty, there's support for Apple Pencil gen 2, and the Liquid Retina display looks phenomenal at its smaller size. It offers all the performance of larger models but at a better price and more manageable size point.

Of course, if you're looking for something a bit bigger, then the iPad Air will be a good option. It has an M1 chip and a larger display to go with its $599 price tag. Honestly, though, if you want to spend less, you'll find that the iPad mini offers much the same performance at a lower price - and you can slip it into a handbag.

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