SwitchEasy SwitchPaper Screen Protector review: For an adaptable iPad

SwitchPaper makes your iPad as adaptable as you. Attach it magnetically when needed, remove it when it's not.

SwitchEasy SwitchPaper Magnetic Screen Protector
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iMore Verdict

The SwitchPaper Screen Protector means you no longer have to make a commitment to one type of surface texture for the iPad. Attach the magnetic SwitchPaper when using a stylus and take it off again for gaming.


  • +

    Magnetic design is removable

  • +

    Paper texture feels natural for drawing and writing

  • +

    Improves control for detail drawing

  • +

    Reduces glare and reflections


  • -

    Magnetic hold seems weak at times

  • -

    Slight loss of sharpness

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The SwitchEasy SwitchPaper is an innovative screen protector for iPad that attaches magnetically so you can put it on and take it off at will. I didn't even know this existed for iPads until I discovered this product, and it strikes me as a really smart solution for people who don't use their iPad primarily for drawing. 

Since the SwitchPaper has a paper-like feel that's great for drawing but not so great for gaming, many users prefer this convenient magnetic design. You just slap it on when it's time for writing or drawing with the Apple Pencil, and then put it away in the included storage sleeve when it's not needed. There are several things to be aware of when buying this product, but let's start with availability. 

SwitchPaper Screen Protector: Price and availability

SwitchEasy SwitchPaper Removable Screen Protector for drawing

(Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / Future)

The SwitchPaper Magnetic Screen Protector is only available on Amazon and the SwitchEasy website. Depending on the iPad size format you're buying, it goes for as little as $30 for the iPad mini or as expensive as $40 for the iPad Pro. You can buy the removable screen protector alone or buy it as a set with a protective adhesive screen protector. 

SwitchPaper Screen Protector: What's good

SwitchEasy SwitchPaper Removable Screen Protector magnetic

(Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / Future)

The sheer convenience of a removable screen protector is not to be underestimated. Of course, how useful it is to you will depend on your own iPad usage habits, but for me it works perfectly. I share two iPads with my two children who both like to draw and play games on the devices. 

The SwitchPaper has a papery texture that is excellent for drawing and writing. Not only does it simply feel right to draw on when used with an iPad stylus, but it also improves stylus control because of the increased friction provided by the paper-like texture. When using the SwitchPaper, my kids insist that the stylus has more sensitivity compared to drawing without the screen protector. I don't see a huge sensitivity difference, but then again, I rarely use the iPad for drawing. This is what makes the removable screen protector so nifty because, in our house, we don't always need it on 24/7.

Not only does the SwitchPaper simply feel right to draw on, but it also improves stylus control.

For example, when using the iPad for some of the best iPad games (without a stylus), some games respond better to gestures directly on the iPad screen, without the paper-like friction of the SwitchPaper. That's why it's so convenient to be able to take off the screen protector and put it away when it's not needed. Since it comes with a simple storage sleeve for just this purpose, the screen protector stays safe and clean when you put it away.

Lastly, I like the matte finish of the SwitchPaper because it reduces glare and fingerprints. I have used it before just for the anti-glare action when working with my iPad outdoors; there's basically no shine or reflection, even in bright light. This matte finish also resists most fingerprints, with the exception of especially grubby kid hands.

SwitchPaper Screen Protector: What's not good

SwitchEasy SwitchPaper Removable Screen Protector with Pencil

(Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / Future)

Sometimes the magnetic hold of the SwitchPaper seems weaker than others. I think this might have to do with the buildup of dust and grime because if I give the screen protector and the screen a good scrub, this usually fixes the problem. Just be aware that if the screen protector starts to shift around while you work, it might need a good cleaning. 

I also noticed a very slight loss of sharpness in the graphics when the SwitchPaper is on. It's not easily detectable, but I could see that very small fonts seem slightly less crisp. This doesn't seem to affect the overall graphic quality or clarity for tasks like drawing and writing, but I did notice this when reading. 

SwitchPaper Screen Protector: Competition

Mamol Upgraded 360° iPad Pro 11 Inch Privacy Screen Protector

(Image credit: Mamol)

The vast majority of iPad screen protectors are meant to be attached semi-permanently, and they are not removable. There are a few contenders, however, such as a privacy screen protector from Mamol. This one does not have the paper-like texture of SwitchPaper, but it does have a matte, anti-glare finish. Like the SwitchPaper, the Mamol Privacy Screen Protector attaches magnetically and can be removed easily. This one also has a privacy screen so that people around you can't peep what you're up to. Choosing between these two will depend on your own needs; do you need a removable screen protector primarily for drawing or for privacy?

SwitchPaper Screen Protector: Should you buy it?

SwitchEasy SwitchPaper Removable Screen Protector box

(Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / Future)

You should buy this if...

  • You use your iPad for many different types of activities
  • You like the idea of a removable screen protector
  • You need an anti-glare matte finish

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You expect a rock-solid magnetic hold at all times
  • You intend to use the screen protector primarily for reading activities

Anyone who uses an Apple Pencil regularly with their iPad will appreciate the papery feel of a screen protector like the SwitchPaper. But for those who also use the iPad for gaming or reading, this removable screen protector is especially useful. You can simply attach the SwitchPaper when you need it and put it away when you don't. For those that read a lot of small print, however, be aware that you may see a slight loss of crispness with this screen protector attached.

Those using the best iPad for artists will especially love the SwitchPaper, since the paper-like surface allows for greater control of the iPad stylus and, according to my kids, greater sensitivity as well. It can also be quite useful when using the iPad outdoors since the matte surface reduces glare and reflections. Just be sure to keep the iPad screen and SwitchPaper clean, since dust and grime can affect the strength of the magnetic hold. 

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