Under $100 again - AirPods 2 are more affordable in Amazon Prime Early Access Sale

AirPods 2
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The AirPods 2 are getting a little long in the tooth now - but that doesn't stop them being one of the most popular products in the AirPods lineup. Perhaps its because they are the least expensive, often seeing discounts that bring them close to, or even under, $100. $89 isn't the cheapest they've been, but the only lower price was for an hour so it could have been a very lucky error on Amazon's part. Either way, this is a great price for a great pair of wireless in-ears in the Amazon Early Access Sale. 

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AirPods 2 under $100

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The AirPods 2 are now starting to age a little, but they still have some excellent features on board. The silicon budless fit means they are more comfortable for a wider variety of ears, and the little charging case can power up from a wireless charger. They'll connect seamlessly with your iPhone, magically appearing on the home screen when you open the case. This price isn't quite as low as they've been before - but it's very close. If Prime Day is anything to go by, expect them to go quick during the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale.

The wireless earbuds that are perfect for everyone with an iPhone, the AirPods 2 are a great way to get an idea of what the rest of the line is like. They're small, perfectly built, and sound pretty good for a wireless in-ear. They lack the features of the more expensive AirPods 3, but at the moment, you'll only pay just over half the price of pair of those for the privilege of AirPods 2. Don't forget to protect that charging case with one of the best AirPods cases!

If you're after a different pair of AirPods, we know where to find the cheapest AirPods deals and sales - and make sure you stick around here, we're going to be tracking the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, and we'll let you know when all the best deals go live.

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