iPhone is 3% of handset unit volume, 2x profit of RIM, Nokia, Sony combined. iPad next?

While iPhone accounts for only 3% of handset market share by unit volume, Finacial Times reveals some Goldman's numbers that show it's set to capture a stunning 2X the profit share of Nokia, RIM, and Sony -- combined.

And Goldman only showed those numbers by way of saying how enthusiastic they are about iPad doing the same thing to the PC industry. That sounds crazy, but iPad almost equalled Mac sales numbers this quarter and while its margins are less than the Mac's, they're higher than the razor-thin netbook and bargain basement PC industry where much of the volume rests.

TiPb's been saying for a while Apple only cared about market share as much as it meant increased profit share. Looks like that's working out for them.

[Financial Times via Business Insider Daring Fireball]

Rene Ritchie

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