The brand new Apple iPad is running iPhone 3.2 and has several features we've wanted on, you know, the actual iPhone device for a while now. Never mind that the iPhone 3.2 SDK is iPad-only, just like the features. And never mind that the iPad might still be waiting for iPhone 4.0 to get it's full functionality in place. TiPb wants an iPhone (and iPod touch) version of iPhone 3.2 while we're waiting, and we wants us some of those features!

Our list after the break!

Home Screen Wall Paper

We noticed it the moment Steve Jobs pulled out the iPad. It had wallpaper behind the Home Screen app grid. And he said users could customize it. Sure, the iPhone has a denser grid (the icons are closer together and would blot out more of the background), but it would be nice to have a background we could blot out. Also, we couldn't help but see that the iPad could go landscape with the homes screen. Flipping back and forth would probably annoy us too much to want that, however, at least for the current 3.x home screen...


iBooks App/Store

Is it strange that iTunes Store and iPod are separate apps, but the iPad iBooks app spins around from reader to buy'er? Maybe, but since we already have iTunes Store, App Store, and iPod on our iPhones, we'd like iBooks as well. As with many of the other items to follow, the UI will obviously need tweaking (as apps taken from the iPhone for the iPad have already been tweaked) but we want it and Apple is going to want the whole platform to have it. Oh, and something akin to Kindle-like "WhisperSync" would be nifty for all our media, so where we finish reading, listening, or viewing on the iPad is where we pick up on the iPhone (or iTunes, or Apple TV, get the idea?)


Calendar Week View

The lack of a week view on the iPhone calendar is something we've complained about since the original iPhone 2G launched in 2007. And now the iPad gets it? Fine. Whatever. We're just happy it's finally here and we'd like it on our iPhone now-ish as well. And landscape mode to make it more useful. Please.


Enhanced Photo App

The new scrubbers shown off on the iPad are hawt. iPhone iPod app lets us scrub quickly through audio and video, and while the thumbnail line probably wouldn't fit on the smaller screen, just the ability to quickly fly through photos with a standard scrubber would be great. One. By. One. Flicking. Can. Get. Tedious. After. All. Syncing Faces, Places, and Events from iPhoto is also want-worthy, as are the new slide transitions.


Drop-down/Pop-up Menus

Probably the biggest system-wide eye opener for iPhone 3.2 on the iPad was the use of drop down and/or pop up menus. The way they're implemented on the iPad wouldn't work on the smaller iPhone screen, but the idea behind them -- to allow quick access without moving up or down a set of screens -- would. Let us tap the top corners to get quick access to radio settings, for example. It may sound all Android/Windows Mobile, but Apple could make it work. SBSettings already does...


Mechanical Keyboard Support

iPad gets both dock-connected and Bluetooth keyboard support at launch. We'll forgive not getting it in three versions if you give it to us in an iPhone 3.2 update post haste. Many people might never use it, or want to, but for some road warriors it would be just what their productivity ordered.


Mobile iWork

3rd party apps shows it's possible to do office suites on the iPhone and iPod touch. You're Apple and you figured it out iWork for the iPad. You could figure it out for the iPhone too.


What Else?

That was just TiPb's quick take, did you see any other iPhone 3.2 features on the iPad that you want for your own, more mobile, device?