Engadget has been getting tips from deep code divers who are exploring Apple's latest iPhone 3.2 SDK for the iPad and what they're finding includes code/hooks for iChat-style video Calling, file downloads from Mobile Safari, support for telephony like SMS and calls, and some prototype support for a "handwriting keyboard". The video conferencing news is especially intriguing:

We're told that there are hooks to accept and decline a video conference, flip a video feed (which suggests a front-facing camera) and -- most importantly -- run the video call in either full screen mode or in just a portion of the screen. That means you'll be able to chat and do other things at the same time, which could mean there's at least some type of multitasking going on here.

Could this be another example of the iPad being "unfinished", or of Apple removing a camera at the last minute -- like the iPod touch G3 -- because they couldn't get an implementation that was good enough in time for the big reveal?

What's more:

chpwn also tells us [...] both the new landscape orientation for the homescreen and keyboard support appear to be destined for the iPhone itself when 3.2 comes out.