iPhone 3.2 SDK on iPad -- iChat Video Calling, File Downloads, Telephony Support, Handwriting Keyboard... And Coming to iPhone?

Engadget has been getting tips from deep code divers who are exploring Apple's latest iPhone 3.2 SDK for the iPad and what they're finding includes code/hooks for iChat-style video Calling, file downloads from Mobile Safari, support for telephony like SMS and calls, and some prototype support for a "handwriting keyboard". The video conferencing news is especially intriguing:

We're told that there are hooks to accept and decline a video conference, flip a video feed (which suggests a front-facing camera) and -- most importantly -- run the video call in either full screen mode or in just a portion of the screen. That means you'll be able to chat and do other things at the same time, which could mean there's at least some type of multitasking going on here.

Could this be another example of the iPad being "unfinished", or of Apple removing a camera at the last minute -- like the iPod touch G3 -- because they couldn't get an implementation that was good enough in time for the big reveal?

What's more:

chpwn also tells us [...] both the new landscape orientation for the homescreen and keyboard support appear to be destined for the iPhone itself when 3.2 comes out.

Rene Ritchie

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  • 1st.... iPAD U SUCK...... NO FLASH WHY?
  • Ah but when will we actually see 3.2? This side of 4.0? Looking less likely everyday.
  • That camera would be a pleasant surprise.
    I'm so over the Flash conversation, we've been with a no Flash iPhone for 3years, they ain't gonna do it. I don't even use Flash anyway, I had a website built and an ad designed and the designer asked me if I wanted flash and I said HELL NO.
    It's volatile software at best.
  • I was really hoping for iPhone 4.0. The iPad is being pushed as this great and wonderful thing by Apple. Wow the internet in your hand. Hello we have had the internet on mobile devices way before iPhones. I just wish they would stop pushing their devices as music/ multi media. There is so much more potential for the iPhone and IPad in the business area. Yes they put in iWork, but that looked like an after thought. What good is this great web search if I cannot download programs I find. Waiting for an app can be forever, and that is only if a company wants to develop a program. Want to impress me with an iPad, let it download my music programs so I can run a stadium show from it. Or download my living cookbook so I can access my recipe data base. I might buy it then. Just wish the iPhone 4.0 will be soon.
  • I just want 3.2 or 4.0 NOW! Haha. 3.1 is starting to get clunky and old and jailbreaking seems like a better idea each and every day.
  • Can we please, please, please move on from the Flash conversation. NO FLASH. Flash s&cks. I love Adobe Photoshop, great software, but I have never touched Flash again following the class I had to take for my degree which required we make some rather crappy Flash animations. Ugh, awful experience. NO FLASH
  • @Rene-
    Do you know anything about Bluetooth 2.0 in the iPad? Specifically, does it support AVRCP? I am STILL waiting for Apple to implement that in the iPhone. I want a pair of BT headphones for the gym that will allow me to control the volume/next track functions. Thanks.
  • I've been using the iPhone for several years now. It's a great device hands down. But if apple doesn't release an updates OS to keep me interested I'm going to chuck this device and pick up something else. I was really hoping for some widget support or something like the mac os on the iPad/ iPhone. The fact that we can change our background doesn't cut it!!!
  • Nexus One is really starting to sound tempting now that they are updating the phone to support AT&T 3g!
  • I actually think a webcam on the iPad itself would be a mistake, solely from a use standpoint. If you have to keep the iPad stationary in order to point a front-facing camera at your head, you can't actually use the iPad. It would be better to have a webcam accessory sitting on the table, while you hold the iPad in any orientation you like.
    I imagine apps that allow people to video chat on a portion of the screen while working on a shared document or a virtual whiteboard. You can't really do that if there's a built-in webcam.
  • blah
  • Could be possible they have created a camera accessory they will release soon. You will only mainly want to use it at home but oh well.
  • @Paul
    If you chuck you're iPhone, can I have it?
  • Anyone condlsidered that iChat and Front Facing Camera files have been implimented into 3.2 iOS in preparation for testing for the new 4G iPhone if and when it comes!?!
    The SMS and Call Handling files are only there as it's part of the iPhone OS anywho, there's still reminents of that when you pull appart an iPod Touch Firmware.
  • How bout a Bluetooth webcam or one that connects via dock connector.... Or some type of video chat dock accessories that u can pop the ipad in to
  • 3.2 and 4.0 is virtually a done deal. What's in it and what's not in it really is irrelevant at this point. These posts are all over the place. It's not even worth speculating anymore can we move on. I pretty much think that Apple knows there are many people on the fence right now looking at other phones. Some of us are saying we could have just brought an iPod Touch. I know one thing it's many simple conveniences this OS needs. Whatever they are adding right now to this OS is to simplfy things. I don't think it will be something we haven't seen before; more like we haven't seen it implemented like this.
  • I have to say, at the moment I sensing an attitude of complacency and stagnation at apple at the moment. They could make their products practically perfect and they seem to be holding back for some strange reason.
    Take the iPad for example, there is absolutely no imagination in the way it was handled, it feels rushed, unfinished and halfhearted. Where's...
    They brag about the A4 chip and yet handicap it, by omitting the ability to multitask.
    The Lock Screen
    Look at the size of that screen, all that space and nothing to show for it, it's big for nothing. How about adding upcoming calender events/appointments, the weather and notifications.
    If that appaling notification system is not addressed in the next update I'll seriously consider moving to another platform, Android and WebOS put iPhoneOS to shame in that area.
    Come on, show us innovation hasn't died at Apple.
  • It wouldn't make sense to have a higher priced product like the ipad do less than the iPhone.
    They will add more things to it. I don't think apple ever intended on making the ipad an even more mobile mac. As of now, the ipad is basically useless to people with iPhones and iPod touches. They have to do something to it in order for me to sit here and shell out 500-800 dollars on this.
    I have a strong feeling that 4.0 ipad and 4.0 iPhone/ iPodT will come very close in features but the only thing setting them apart will be the screen real estate and speed. Now if there is new iPhone hardware, that's a whole different ball game.
  • An open letter for Steve Jobs
    Regarding your “ magical device”
    I've always lean towards apple products, because the rest of the market was always doing what made more sense financially versus what the costumer actually wanted... And in that tiny sentences lays the ipad mistake, see it makes more sense profit-wise keeping the ipad's browser without flash capabilities, so they don't hulu the movies Apple wants them to buy on Itunes, or don't play those little games that are flash-based and instead buy some apps, I know that, and I can see your point, But it's that what the costumers want? That seems to never have crossed your mind, and that worries me because, I see more and more microsoft behavior on Apple.
    The reason for this letter is this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0edf8xyTjw in which you really struggle to defend the Ipad's core functionality to Walt Mossberg and it really made me feel bad for you, I know that you have been working on these device for several years, but I think that deep down you do know that Is Not as good as the original iphone was back in 2007, because back then there wasn't a smartphone on the market with those capabilities, It was un-like anything we've seen before, and I remember the crowd going wild as you sent an email while holding a call with Phil on it, that was huge, that was history In the making, now back to the Ipad is it really the only device of it's nature? Why should we just get an Hp Slate with Win 7 which is a fully working pc, with multitasking capabilities and everything else, or Acer's tablet whatever it's name is...
    And it all goes back to my point it makes more sense financially speaking to ship the tablet with Iphone OS, when what the costumer really wanted was a stripped version or Snow Leopard, it was easier to just adjust iphone os, but it wasn't what we wanted it, it's so clear...
    Some people might complaint that apple fans didn't praise the Ipad because it doesn't cure cancer, they are trying to say that we expected unrealistic features on the ipad, not at all, we just wanted multitasking EVEN for the core apps, we just wanted flash for god's sakes this 2010.
    And we also disagree with your new way of introducing a product without some features (camera on ipad-ipod touch) when they have support on their os for it, and some of then even on the hardware, making it clear, for a second revised model would get those features and if the trend continuous also cheaper than the original device.
    Apple please just get back to “Thinking Different”
    Now I understand your quote from years ago when you said “We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of crap” THE IPAD IS $499
    One final thing please amend those issues in the upcoming Iphone 4.0.
    Luis Pichardo Longo.Luispichardo.longo@gmail.com
  • have you guys ever thought that it can also be some type of external mic/camera device for the iPad? Just like the tomtom thing.
  • Why does the phrase "Flip a video feed" suggest a front facing camera?
    Couldn't it just refer to Apple's nonstandard video format which causes apple videos to play sideways compared to other platforms?
  • @Isurf:
    have you guys ever thought that it can also be some type of external mic/camera device for the iPad? Just like the tomtom thing.
    Well the 30pin connector is sort of in the wrong place for that wouldn't you say?
    Look, its a 1.0 device, they will add a cam and other missing features and screw over the early adopters once again, just like they always do.
  • @iSurf - I was just thinking that, but then it HAS to be aesthetic for Stevo to sign it off. Seeing as they have the "Keyboard Dock" thingie, thhis could be the next type of dock. One with a Camera, and a Mic would update the device to provide the video calling / conferencing / VOIP services possible.
    I think it's disappointing that the device has to sit in the Dock on portrait anyway. If it was landscape it's more likely to be used a Digi-photo frame.
    It's like a big / thing O2 Joggler.
  • The ipad is going to turn into an IFAD! They should have used the MAC OS. Instead they went with the iPhone os which is just limited functionality. What a big dissappointment. No way I'm spending my money on this piece of crap.
  • Apple needs to stop compromising performance and functionality just to save on battery life. Open it up so we can have replaceable batteries and give me two hours battery life percharge and give me full multitasking by putting a processor that screams. Nexus one has 1ghz processor and it's just a phone.
  • Agree with Paul 100% with all his posts
  • @Paul, the iPhone OS will eventually become a fully functional OS, but as for now I agree with you. It might take too long for that to happen.
  • @ice bike, the mic/cam device could actually clip to the top part of the iPad like a logitech laptop camera with an extension to the 30-pin connection.
  • I wish a 3.2 IPSW came out in beta for iPhone, surely there going to want both the iPad and iPhone on the same platform - and iPad comes out in less than 60 days!
  • I hope landscape comes to the iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I think apple has lost some creativity power, all the ipad is is just a jumbo iPod touch with optionall 3G
  • @Paul
    maybe you want to change out a battery every two hours but others don't. Also, apple is able to get their devices so thin because they integrate the battery with the board and shape it as needed. It's not something that cAn be turned into a block battery without compromising the space available in the device and ending up with something like a Droid. Ugh! Awful.
  • this is great to be here guys........
  • @Andy brown There is a Bluetooth webcam called BT-1, but it's a Mac product. Looks cool. Maybe they'll make one for iPhone or iPad.
  • +1 on BT-1. Seems like a natural fit for the iPad. As ppl have noted, we don't want to see nostrils on a video conference. THe only other way would be a wecam on a long rod that plugs into the dock connector. eek.
  • Just a thought what if the i chat video calling could be an app on the ipad that lets you use the iphones 3GS video camera as your webcam the iphone could be plugged in using a accessory like the one that will be out to plug your camera into to upload pics on to the ipad
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