iPhone 5 to launch in second week of September, iPad 3 to follow later in the year?

According to a report by China Times, the iPhone 5 will be released in the second week of September with 4 million units set to hit the streets at launch. The same source also claims that the iPad 3 has been delayed until after Thanksgiving due to component shortages.

This release date for the iPhone 5 does seem like a popular choice with many rumors now pointing to a September launch. This would also coincide with the fall release of iOS 5; although the official start of fall this year is September 23. We also know that Apple is recruiting temporary sales staff throughout the UK, starting in mid August. This would allow them to be trained to Apple’s exacting standards, prior to the iPhone 5 launch.

The delay to the iPad 3 is a little more mystifying, not quite sure how an unannounced product that is rumored to be released outside of its normal product refresh cycle can be delayed!

The China Times has a hit and miss record with Apple rumors so take this one with the usual pinch of salt. It does however have close links with Apple’s supply chain in China.

[China Times via MacRumors]


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