Pilot and plane

What you need to know

  • An iPhone 6s fell from an airplane in Iceland.
  • It was presumed lost but was found 13 months later.
  • It still works, for the most part.

While some of us manage to break iPhones no matter how close to the floor we drop them, photographer Haukur Snorrason managed to drop his iPhone 6s from an airplane and it somehow survived.

The photographer was on an aerial photo tour of the Skaftá river in South Iceland at the time, but as he tried to grab some footage of a flood below, he lost his grip and the iPhone 6s fell to the ground.

Not only did the phone manage to avoid exploding upon impact, but it also survived in the wilderness for more than a year. Snorrason only found out that his phone was still in one piece when someone called him to say they'd found it.

"Then on September 14, 2019, a couple of Icelandic people were walking in the area and saw the phone just lying there. They contacted the land owners and realized it was my iPhone when they connected it to the computer and it said : Haukur´s iPhone," Haukur explained.

Miraculously, it still works for the most part and it even recorded video of its fall. It's thought that the phone's ability to survive its bumpy landing was down to the fact it landed in moss rather than something a little more solid.

Amazingly the phone still works after all this time, which Haukur believes is largely because it landed face down on the moss, with its plastic case facing up and bearing the brunt of the Icelandic weather.

"I can still go on the internet, I can send photos and video like the one of the fall. The only real damage is that I can make calls but the other persona can't hear me," Haukur said.

Be sure to watch the recovered video of the phone's fall. It looks like quite the ride.