There’s no better way to teach someone than by performing. Perhaps you want to showcase a new app you’ve been developing, or maybe you need to train a new employee on how to use certain tools. Whatever the case might be, it’s easy to give a one-on-one demonstration, but showing an entire audience is a different beast altogether. That’s why this $19 iPhone Screen Recorder is a necessity.

iPhone Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use tool that lets you connect to your computer via AirPlay to stream whatever is appearing on your iPhone or iPad. With a series of monitors or a projector, you can show your entire audience what’s happening on your mobile device, making iPhone Screen Recorder the perfect tool for training, presentations or even just sharing a family video. Additionally, you can record audio and video and save it to your computer for future reference.

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Showing your phone to one person is easy, but if you need to showcase something to an entire audience, nothing will beat iPhone Screen Recorder, which you can get for Mac and Windows for $19, or 68% off.

iPhone Screen Recorder: Lifetime License - $19

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