Early Apple Black Friday deals: I'd get these epic 8BitDo controller deals to game on my iPhone 15

Black Friday games controllers deals
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The power on board the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max makes them some of the most powerful gaming devices that you can buy — beyond, perhaps, a full-blown gaming PC. There’s just one thing holding them back from ultimate gaming bliss, and that’s the lack of physical controls. Is there anything much worse than controlling Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village with an on-screen joystick? Not according to our very own Daryl Baxter.

Where to find Black Friday Bluetooth controller deals

Thankfully, there are loads of ways of fixing that problem. A controller grip, for example, or, perhaps even better, a fully independent wireless games controller. There aren't much better than those made by 8BitDo, which started out making retro throwback controllers, but now has one of the best controller lineups out there. They connect with Bluetooth, work with game streaming apps like Xbox GamePass, and look pretty cool too.

They’re not even that badly priced — although finding a good deal on one is always a nice bonus. To find some big deals, we've gone through the best 8BitDo controllers for iPhone. These three controllers are some of the best that 8Bitdo offers, and they’re reduced, just before the Black Friday sale begins next week. If you’re looking for a better way to game on your iPhone and you don’t want to pay full price for a controller, then these are your best bet.

Big savings on 8BitDo controllers

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro Bluetooth Controller | $44$39 at Amazon

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro Bluetooth Controller | $44 $39 at Amazon

This Bluetooth controller has everything you need to get gaming on your iPhone. A clip to keep your iPhone hooked in place, a pair of control sticks, and some very lovely buttons. This saving isn’t massive, but it makes a great price even better. This deal needs you to click the coupon on the Amazon product page.

8Bitdo Lite SE Bluetooth Gamepad | $35$22 at Amazon

8Bitdo Lite SE Bluetooth Gamepad | $35 $22 at Amazon

This deal is for a much smaller controller, perfect for slipping into your pocket with your iPhone. This is the lowest price for the little controller, saving you $7 on full price to bring it ever closer to $20. This one doesn’t come with a cradle for your phone, so bear that in mind when you buy one.

8BitDo Pro 2 | $50$40 at Amazon

8BitDo Pro 2 | $50 $40 at Amazon

This is another controller that will need you to click the coupon button on the product page to get the deal, but it’s worth it. Make sure you grab 8BitDo's separate phone cradle so that you can use this more comfortable controller with your iPhone.

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