iPhone 15 wait times revealed, and the most popular models might surprise you

An Apple Store on the launch of the iPhone 15
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If you have ordered a brand-new iPhone 15 and found yourself on that dreaded waiting list, it's probably because the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max are much more popular than equivalent models last year. Perhaps it’s that lovely new titanium finish or the wicked camera on the back — it could be for any number of reasons, but it’s obvious that the latest models are a hit.

While this is brilliant for iPhone (and Apple), it’s less good for you, the unfortunate latest addition to the iPhone launch waiting list. It’s so long now, in fact, that you could find yourself without an iPhone 15 Pro Max for upwards of 40 days.

According to Counterpoint Research, the base model has moved from an average wait time last year of 5 days to 9 this year, whereas the Pro Max moved from 35 days to 44. These are significant increases, showing that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the most coveted iPhone. 

In contrast, the iPhone 15 Plus is down from 20 to 10 and the Pro model is down from 30 days to 25. The Pro model is missing out on the camera seen in the Pro Max and has less battery life, and when you’re already putting down so much money, many may just pick the nicest phone out there. As for the iPhone 15 Plus, this is bigger than the base model but doesn’t have any more upgrades so some may see it as not worth that extra money. 

Though the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the most popular, as Apple initially anticipated, the base model has had the greatest increase as a percentage of last year’s figures. The standard iPhone 15 accounts for 25% of all models built by Apple so this extended wait time is indicative that Apple may have underestimated its popularity. 

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15 delivery waiting time

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Different markets — iMore’s take 

With the A16 chip and the Dynamic Island, the iPhone 15 is taking many of the unique features of last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus both have great battery life, come in an assortment of pretty colors, and are the cheapest entry point into this year's iPhones. 

It’s worth pointing out that you can still buy older iPhones from the Apple site so someone interested in the Pro model may instead get last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max for a similar price. The same can be said for this year’s Plus, whereas last year’s Pro has many of the same features. 

Ultimately, as someone who committed to the beefy iPhone 15 Pro Max for its impressive camera and gaming-focused internal chip, I’m glad the standard iPhone models are doing well. Splitting the yearly iPhone upgrade into four unique sections gives Apple room to experiment and I benefit from that experimentation with the Pro Max. 

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