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iPod Touch 2G Shocker: Thicker and More Tapered?

Okay, so we pretty much all now know what the iPod Nano 4G will look like, but what about the iPod Touch 2G? If iLounge's sources are right -- surprise, surprise -- the upcoming refresh will see it slightly thicker but more tapered, just like what happened to the iPhone back in June. What else?

What appears to be an antenna enclosure is shown on its rear top left, with the same headphone port and Dock Connector port arrangement at its bottom. Notably, the drawings show what appear to be volume controls on the left side, addressing a key concern of iPod touch users; the added thickness might be attributable to changes in the battery.

Or how about that rumored GPS? No? Not so much?

Guess we'll all find out for sure on Sept. 9th!

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • What I don't understand is the headphone connector being at the bottom by the dock connector port. I've seen this mentioned this way before for the iPhone 3G and chalked it up to a typo, but here it is again. What's up with that? The headphone port is at the top near the volume switch, right? Or is it that on the iPod touch it's at the bottom, and in the article I read about the iPhone 3G it really was a typo?
  • the iPhone has its headphone jack on top and the touch has it on the bottom like the nanos.
  • That iPhone 3G S really looks neat, just hope I can get a nice AT&T plan with it.
  • The exterior of the iphone 3g and iphone 3gs is the same
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