iPod touch 4 beginning to ship

TiPb readers are letting us know that they're receiving shipment notifications from Apple for iPod touch 4. Made available for pre-order last Wednesday following Apple's 2010 special music event, iPod touch 4 brings Retina Display (though perhaps without the same IPS panel?), FaceTime, 720p video (though only .7mp stills), and other iPhone 4-like features to its non-phone counterpart.

Have you gotten your shipment notification yet? Let us know which model you ordered, when you placed your order, and what date you expect it and we'll keep track in comments.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Rene Ritchie

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  • Awesome!!! Mine says "Prepared for shipment" so maybe soon....
  • I ordered mine on Thursday with next day shipping. It is still telling me it won't be here til the 13th and hasn't shipped yet. I hope they pull an iPhone 4 and ship them early.
  • Fantastic!
    But sadly, I won't have mine for a while either. It says 'Shipping the 15th-17th.' I was hoping that that was wrong, since they all say shipping in 1 week now. Oh well. Too bad.
  • Oh and the model I ordered is the 32gb just like my 3rd gen.
  • My order was updated this morning to show shipped via FedEx (Ordered 32 Gig, Next day delivery). Current location, Kunshan, China. Shows expected delivery date of Thursday, 9/9 (Apple had promised delivery by 9/10.)
  • I ordered a 32gb model just after the store reopened after the event. Got notification today, Fedex says Thursday delivery.
  • after seeing this post I checked my status and it said ready for shipment. I closed that browser page and within five minutes I got an email saying shipped !!!
  • Ordered an 8GB model, got an email, estimated delivery thursday by 10:30 AM.
  • Okay mine has shipped now, estimated delivery Thursday by 4:30 PM.
  • Mine has shipped, estimated dlvy Friday the 10th by 4:30
  • hey if i order mine today will it come on the same day u ordered onpre order answer
  • I live in Belgium and the Apple Store told me september 1 that it will be delivered by the 14 september
  • I ordered the 64 GB iPod Touch on Sept. 1st. My shipping notification says it will be delivered by Sept. 10th. I live in Oregon. (I did NOT order engraving, which I presume will take extra time for those that did.)
  • should i order it or wait tell mes omebody
  • When will these be out in store? I want one but would rarther go pick it up myself.
  • Why would the new iPod touch's displays not be exactly like the iPhone 4's? "Retina" implies that it will be the same resolution and the same quality, i.e. including IPS display technology...
  • Mine has not! Maybe because I had mine engraved?
  • Mine is estimated to come sep 13-15.
  • Mine still says shipping in 1 week, with an estimated delivery date of Sept 10th-14th. I ordered the 64Gb 1 on Sept 1st @ about 11:30am PDT (as soon as I saw they were available on the Apple Store). I did order personalized engraving, so maybe that is y it is taking some time 2 ship : /
  • Oh yeah, I forgot 2 mention that I paid the extra $10 for 2-3 day delivery
  • Mine was ordered as soon as the apple store came back online. I had it inscribed. My initial order confirmation said delivery from the 10th to the 14th. It hasn't shipped yet as of 8pm, mon, the 6th. I paid for the expidited shipping.
    BTW, the main still camera is only a .7mp sensor? WTF Apple?? WTF! Jesus!
  • This is bs. I ordered my 64 2.5hours after the announcement with overnight shipping and I still haven't gotten notification or prepared for shipment yet the shuffle I ordered was shipped today. WTF apple am I going to get it the same day as people who did normal shipping.
  • It's after 12am on Tuesday and I have still yet to receive shipping notification yet. I go to the order status and it doesn't even say prepared for shipping. I ordered a 32gb on Thursday with next day shipping, if it doesn't ship by tomorrow, I'm going to be pissed!
  • In New Zealand. 64GB model ordered immediately after the launch. Delivery 13th to 17th.
  • Mine finally says Prepared for Shipment
    Again, I ordered moments after the Apple Store came back online, and I added engraving..
    I'm not as bummed about the .7mp still/video camera, and know I'll enjoy my new iPod Touch! YAY!
  • Why would you pay for overnight shipping from China, umm not possible unless FedEx dishes out some serious dough to U.S. Customs. If you call Apple they are refunding anyone who selected overnight/express shippping.
  • BAH! I think it's night time in CHina, the factory is closed, and people are alseep. My order - which says 'Prepared for Shipment' will ship first thing tomorrow morning.. Dang Engraving slowed it down! I'll wait till it ships, and then maybe call Apple for a refund on the expedited shipping. I'm wondering if the Expedited shipping isn't for when it arrives in the US...??? and then Fed ex or UPS takes over, and ships it overnight..
  • For all of you that bought the over night shipping that does nothing with the preorder. I called apple and ask if that would speed it up and they told my that it would still take the same amount of time if i didn't get the 2-3 day shipping. BTW i preorder mine Sept 4, 2010 at 11:49 AM PDT and it hasn't shipped yet. Anybody else order that day, and has yours shipped?
  • Well i pre-ordered my 32gb engraved ipod on Sept 1, 2010 at 5:20 PM (MDT) and still has not shipped all it says is
    Ships: 1 week. Delivery: Sept 10-14th
  • I pre-ordered my 32gb engraved touch as soon as the site came back up after the announcements. This morning when I checked the status it said "not yet shipped" and a little later it said "Prepared to Ship." It has been in that status for over 12 hours. I've read other posts that say as soon as it stated "prepared to ship" they received an email notification that it had shipped. No such luck here.
  • I still haven’t gotten my shipping notification and I ordered a 32GB on Thursday to replace my 32GB 3rd gen. I’m a little pissed since every time I contacted Apple today and said that other people are getting notifications, they tell me it may be because they got expedited shipping. When I tell them that I payed $16 for next-day shipping (expedited) they tell me that those people must have ordered it before me. Still says the 13th is my estimated delivery and when I asked if it was possible I could receive it this week I was given a huge “NO SIR”. Not sure why I payed $16 for one day shipping and I’ll be receiving it the same time people who got free shipping are.
  • Its been 4 days now since i ordered and it still says "not yet shipped".
    if its still "not yet shipped" tomorrow i might ring them up!
  • Sorry 6 days
  • Yes got it shipped today FedEx says arriving Friday. Finally!!!
  • Mine has finally shipped! Expected delivery date = Friday, Sept 10. I paid for engraving, and Express delivery. Fed Ex is the carrier. It says in China now as of 10am Wed. Ordered: Sept 1, 11:26am, PDT.
  • I'm holding it right now:D Delivered today (CA Bay Area ~1:30pm)
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  • Mine is now in Alaska, and it says delivery To Lansing MI by Tomorrow (Friday) at 10:30am!
  • Mine is in Alaska, but its says "Int'l shipment release" idk wat that means, help?.. but it says Shipping date 9/8. and delivery date is 9/14 by 4:30 pm. tues cant come any sooner:)
  • Well - like most I ordered mine direct from Apple, as soon as the it appeared on Apple website.I live in the UK & ordered the 8GB iPod Touch 4 Gen (I dont need any more storage than that) and asked for engraving, my reply reads
    Estimated Shipping: 5 - 7 business days
    Estimated Delivery: 10 Sep, 2010 - 15 Sep, 2010
    Its a joke - why not have the items to ship and instore a couple of days after announcment, as it is ill be waiting another week lol
    !!!!!!! ITEM NOT SHIPPED !!!! - ArrrrGGGhhhh
  • I'm sort of miffed at Fed-Ex. Like I said earlier, 'Delivery by 10:30am'.. So I was going to be out of town in the AM, so I left a signed piece of paper stuck to my front door ... etc etc...as suggested in the fed-ex help page. Needless to say, it's 3pm, and it's Still not here! It said it was 'out for delivery' in Lansing at 8am! And this is a relatively small town. I guess they deliver to businesses early in the day as they figure most working people are at work during the day.. I'm retired and am at home a lot! Dang it! LOL...
  • OK, so you simply can't trust Fed-Ex's Estimated delivery time. The package left the warehouse for delivery to me at 7:30 am or so.... Plenty of time to get it to me as promised.....
    Mine was promised by 10:30am, and it didn't get here until 4:26 today. I waited all afternoon
    for the darn thing. Could have been doing something else. The Fed-Ex guy said: "Oh, on these iPods, we have a deal with Apple where we can wait till the end of the day to deliver them".. or something close to that. A Deal with Apple! So I called Apple, and - after about 15 minutes or more on hold, got a very nice person who patiently listened to my complaint, and he said as far as he knows, there is no agreement of that sort with Fed-Ex. I had to ASK for a refund of the special delivery fee, and got it eventually.. What a hassle! Screw you fed-ex! Never again! (if I have a choice! LOL)
  • I ordered a 64GB Touch with NO engraving. Shipping to Portland, OR. Payed for next day shipping. The ipod shipped on the 10th and won't be here until the 15th yet apple still charged for the shipping. It's worth noting that fedex always delivers on saturdays here. My package is still in China as of 9/11. I got a refund on the shipping charge, but it is still unfortunate that I ended having a wrong delivery date .
  • I'm in Canada and ordered mines with engraving on Sept 5. They told me that the expected shipping date was September 21 but after reading previous comments I went and checked my order status now it says its been shipped, I was provided a tracking number and delivery date has been changed to the 15th. I CAN'T WAIT!!! But one thing I would like to know will my current car charger/dock/cradle/transmitter and auxillary cord work with it as well? I was using them before for my iPod Classic 160GB does anyone out there know HELP!!
  • In New Zealand. Still no activity on my 64GB Touch order, placed immediately after the launch. Can't see how it can arive by the end of their estimate - the 17th. However the engraved Nano I ordered a few days later had an expected delivery date the week after next. It's with the local courier already.
  • I received my shipment notification last night. I ordered the 64GB model on Sep 1, 2010 at 11:01 PM PDT. Estimated delivery is Sep 16, 2010 by 10:30 AM via FedEx.
  • Noah is right. Anyone who paid for overnight/express shipping should call Apple for a refund.
  • I ordered mine on the 13th and paid the 10 bucks to express ship my 32 gig engraved ipod touch 4gen. but apearently it is stuck in alaska, trying to get through customs. i got a refund, but now i have to wait till the 17th...... thanks alot America
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