The iTunes Store app comes built-in with every new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and can not be deleted. It's your gateway to the iTunes store and where you'll buy movies, television shows, music, podcasts, ringtones, and more while on the go. Instead of having to sync your iPhone or iPad to iTunes, just fire up the iTunes Store app, purchase something, and you're good to go.

As iOS has evolved, so has the way we purchase and consume content. While the App Store is your central repository for finding third party apps and games, the iTunes Store app is your go-to place for all your media. Not only can you use the iTunes app to buy content, you can use it to re-download movies, music, and television shows that you previously purchased, thanks to iTunes in the Cloud functionality. Unfortunately, the functionality doesn't yet exist for ringtones and text tones, so you'll need to be sure to back those up to iTunes to avoid having to re-purchase them.

When it comes to browsing media via the iTunes Store app, you can view 90 second clips of songs and trailers or short previews of many movies and television shows before deciding whether or not you'd like to purchase something. You can also add titles to your wishlist to purchase at a later date or share content with someone else via iMessage, email, and more.

If you've received an iTunes or App Store gift card, you can redeem it straight from within the iTunes Store app by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the featured tap. You can also view your account balance, recent purchases, and more via the account link at the bottom of the featured tab.

Since the iTunes Store app comes with every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, there's nothing to download. Just sign-in with your Apple ID and you're ready to start downloading media right out of the box.