Jaguar and Shell team up on in-car payment system for gas

Jaguar and Shell have announced a new in-car payment system for use at gas stations. The new shell app, which will be part of an update to Jaguar's F-PACE, XF, and XE car models, allows drivers to use Apple Pay or PayPal to pay for gas at the pump without needing to pull out their credit or debit card.

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The system is rolling out first in the UK, according to Jaguar:

Rather than using a card at the pump, or queuing in the forecourt shop, owners who install the Shell app can simply drive up to any pump at a Shell service station (initially in the UK and then globally) and use the vehicle's touchscreen to select how much fuel they require and pay using PayPal or Apple Pay.

After you pay, your electronic receipt will appear on screen, and will also be emailed to your right away. In addition to PayPal and Apple Pay, the system will also support Android Pay later in 2017.