JailbreakMe.com updated with cryptic image.

JailbreakMe.com has been updated with an image, that could suggest a new PDF exploit.

JailbreakMe.com is famous for offering a simple way to jailbreak by using an exploit directly from within Mobile Safari without having to plug the iPhone/iPad into a computer. JailbreakMe developer, @Comex, has updated the site with a teaser for another potential exploit in iOS. According to Comex's Twitter, the image is of Mt. Snow ski slope with a sign that shows a 'black diamond' (which is a skiing symbol for 'advanced') and the word 'PDF'.

Is this for a long-awaited iPad 2 jailbreak? Or has a new exploit been found in iOS 5?

Let us know what you think the teaser means in comments below!

[Jailbreakme.com] [@comex]

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