Skip to main content updated with cryptic image. has been updated with an image, that could suggest a new PDF exploit. is famous for offering a simple way to jailbreak by using an exploit directly from within Mobile Safari without having to plug the iPhone/iPad into a computer. JailbreakMe developer, @Comex, has updated the site with a teaser for another potential exploit in iOS. According to Comex's Twitter, the image is of Mt. Snow ski slope with a sign that shows a 'black diamond' (which is a skiing symbol for 'advanced') and the word 'PDF'.

Is this for a long-awaited iPad 2 jailbreak? Or has a new exploit been found in iOS 5?

Let us know what you think the teaser means in comments below!

[] [@comex]

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  • Makes no sense
  • Sometimes they don't need to be :p
  • They should really keep this stuff to themselves until the OS is actually released. When they post stuff like this, it just makes Apple look that much harder for holes in the firmware and then patch them.
    Hey Super Jailbreak Hackers,
    I know you just can't contain yourself that you found a secret door but don't blow your load early only to be disappointed later. Hold it so it can last as long as possible so all will be pleased. You could probably use that advice with your girlfriend. Wait... who am I kidding? Your hand! ;)
  • Don't you know they work for Apple!!
  • That's pretty cool
  • How do you get to the screen where it says slide to jailbreak!!!!!????
  • old news
  • Hope it is ios5
  • I think it's just an image , would be pretty stupid of him to warn Apple of a new jailbreak, let alone the method in which he's gonna do it
  • @Comex wouldn't have tweeted it that he changed it if it meant nothing. It's something, just that we can only speculate at the moment.
  • PDF refers the exploit in opening PDF's in Safari which he uses to jailbreak the phone. Also, on twitter he refers to 'alpine' skiing, which is the default root password the iPhone. Shortly, it's a PDF exploit which jailbreaks your phone.
  • Team jailbreak FTW!!
  • Maybe he found a way to update the iPhone software to iOS using a PDF exploit, wouldn't that be something?
  • Ummm, the devs NEVER burn new exploit on a beta release. This is probably an jailbreak for 4.3.3 including iPad 2. If it is for iOS 5 they won't release it until the final release.
  • PDF - pretty damn fast
  • Or it could just be a trick to make Apple look at PDF vulnerabilities when the real exploit is somewhere completely different. Keep em off the scent, as it were.
  • I hope that it's a iOS 5
  • Here's an EXIF of it:
  • where the fuck can i go to jailbreak my Iphone 4 i have been looking everywere.
  • Can I jailbreak my iPhone 3GS straight from my safari. I mistakenly upgraded to 4.3.1? Someone help. Thank you
  • no your ganna have to plug ur iphone into your computer and run redsn0w on it or you can use sn0wbreeze
  • Why does it always show someone skiing?
  • I just wanna hack my fricken' iTouch!
  • The iphone 3gs can be jail broken
  • Super
  • @Monty rabe: use green poison to jailbreak iPhone 4.
  • Ok fine, but how do I get to the screen to actually jailbreak it? I can't get past the freaking image.
  • I can't even get to the screen
  • Soo How Df do I Get To The Jailbreak Screen ?
  • This thing is fucking retarded wen I tyPe in the purple screen in the you tube videos doesnt show up
  • How di get to the dam jailbreak screen?
  • Unlock iPhone in minutes my #%^
    Hours later and no response on how I get past step one of the jailbreak process which takes me to this stupid picture.
  • I FOUND OUT!!!
  • mee!
  • How to jailbreak a iphone3g
  • It is so weird
  • i figured it out when you go to jailbreak me on your iphone just reselect the adress after the snow mountain page opens and add another "/" to it so it should look like hope this helps
  • That didn't work
  • It works i just did it last night jb my wifes iPhone u gotta do some fandangling I think like pressing go then refreshing then hitting back and the slide to jailbreak should work hope this helps u
  • it doesnt work
  • Worked :-)
    I went to then refreshed (which added another / to the URL) and then removed the third / and it took me to the screen. Bit weird but yeah this worked for me
  • Your you on your iphone or on a itouch
  • worked just fine for me, thanks
  • go to
  • Here are the pdfs you need... just visit the link through safari mobile:
  • There's no iPhone 4 thing WTF
  • Yes, is working thx Mr. ccc
    For the rest who dont get it, please listen,
    you will see a ftp page, a list of pdf, choose your model for example: iphone 4 4.0.1 you pick iphone3,1
    4.0.1.pdf and it will jailbreak your phone.
  • Then how do jailbreak it
  • How do you get past the picture
  • Somebody tell me how to Jailbreak MY Itouch4 pleasee!!!..
  • Does this work for iPod touch 4th generation
  • Pretty damn far
  • didnt work
  • What if your device is 4.3.3?!
  • Is there a way I could jailbreak my iPod 4.2.1 without plugging it into the computer ?!
  • Okay I gotta Ipod with 4.1 and none of these work so someone plz help
  • Yeah it won't let me cause I'm running a 4.2.1 what do I do
  • worked just fine for me!
  • When i open the site there is no image just a transcript, some huge text that say 'its been far too long', definitely no slider. Wtf????
  • dont work with ipad2 (4.3.3) =(
  • it says my version is too new how do i fix this