Apple has added John Giannandrea — or J.G. — to its executive team as Senior Vice President of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, had this to say:

John hit the ground running at Apple and we are thrilled to have him as part of our executive team. Machine learning and AI are important to Apple's future as they are fundamentally changing the way people interact with technology, and already helping our customers live better lives. We're fortunate to have John, a leader in the AI industry, driving our efforts in this critical area.

It's the same role atop Apple's Siri, Core ML, and overall Artificial Intelligence (AI) teams, but with all the trappings of a full on senior vice president role. And that's not only good for Apple as it continues to push the technologies all the way from its silicon to interface, but it's good for everyone who cares about having ethical, privacy-first AI as an option now and into the future.

And, you know, people like me who really want siriOS to be a thing sooner rather than later.

Congrats and good luck!