John Sculley talks about the Steve Jobs that he knew

In a new interview, former Apple CEO John Sculley spoke at length about his relationship with Steve Jobs. Sculley, who served as CEO from 1983 to 1993, after coming over from Pepsi, talked about his friendship with Jobs, and how the late Apple co-founder is often mis-characterized in popular culture.

While Jobs has often been portrayed as a tyrannical micro-manager, Sculley says that these aspects of Jobs have often been exaggerated. From The Telegraph:

"Didn't mean he couldn't be tough in a meeting and make decisions, and sometimes they seemed, y'know, overly harsh. But the reality was, the Steve Jobs I knew was still a very decent person, with very decent values. So I think he was misrepresented in popular culture."

Sculley said that Steve Jobs, the upcoming biopic, will shed more light on what he sees as the real Jobs. The movie is out October 9, starring Michael Fassbender as Jobs, with Jeff Daniels playing Sculley.

Source: The Telegraph

Joseph Keller

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