Jony Ive to completely lead software design group as VP Greg Christie prepares to leave Apple

Greg Christie, longtime head of Apple's Human Interface (HI) group, will reportedly be leaving Apple in the near future. That'll position Jony Ive, SVP of Design, as the man in charge of all design across Apple's hardware and software divisions. Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac:

Previous to this shakeup, all Apple software design has been led by Christie, who has reported to Craig Federighi, and Ive has been attending interface design meetings and providing instruction…

Greg Christie has been at Apple for ages, and his contributions to the creation of the iPhone are significant.

Although Gurman's report cites politics at play, Christie's departure had been announced internally weeks ago and there could also be elements of rest and recuperation involved as well. Either way, the end result should lead to increased unification between hardware and software in final products, which we can all agree is one of Apple’s strong suits.

Update: Apple has confirmed Christie's leaving.

Source: 9to5Mac

Simon Sage

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  • I wonder where Christie is going next... Was he offered something by another company? Nexus 5... enough said
  • I'd rather they left the UI management to someone with far more experience than Jony Ive. He's a great industrial designer. He is not a UI expert.
  • Couldn't agree more. ಠ益ಠ
  • Steve Jobs wasn't a UI expert either. Didn't stop him.
  • Did he design ios or Mac? Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Jony Ive would obviously have UI designers working under him, but the direction and final decision would be his. Just like Jobs famously drew the one button DVD or CD burning interface.That's what Ive would do since Steve isn't there anymore and Ive is most like him according to Steve's own words
  • This can't be a good thing...
  • Agreed. I didn't like the revamp of ios 7 graphically, no telling what will happen now.
  • I've is an idiot. Now with no one to stop him IOS will get even more boring and flat, and possibly more sissy colors that a teenage girl would love.
  • "I've is an idiot." That didn't go the way you thought it would, did it? ;)
  • I don't think this is a good thing. As I understand, Christie also had a big influence on the design of OS X, which I love. And even if I had grown tired of the faux wood and green felt in iOS 6, it still was mostly a well designed OS.
  • There goes 'Readability' !
  • iOS 7 is such a gargantuan improvement on iOS 6, and much of that was down to Ive. I look forward to seeing how he can freshen up Mac OS X.
  • I think Ive is a tyrant, also read how his team have 5 star hotels and limos where as other Apple employees have to use cheaper hotels and taxis while visiting the same places, it's massive egos run riot
  • Apple needs to do something since they are falling behind. Maybe there needs to be more shakeups. Sent from the iMore App
  • This might be a good thing. UI design doesn't need to be a democracy. If iOS fails as it continues, it will be on Ive's head just like its prior stagnation was on Forstall's head. A talent like Christie is tough to lose but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad development or omen. I could care less about arrogance and ego. That's part of what comes when you are successful as these two men have been. At least the egos are warranted. Sent from the iMore App
  • Steve Jobs said he put Ive in a place where nobody could tell him what to do except Jobs himself. Steve knew what Jony is capable of. I think it's too early to say how "bad" this supposedly is. Time will tell with iOS 8 if things appear to be going down hill.
  • Even looks like Ive took over Christie on the interweb :o
    Try google image Greg Christie Apple, most pictures will be Ive's pictures hehehe