These new JVC multimedia receivers offer wireless access to Apple CarPlay

JVC is set to release its most advanced premium multimedia receivers for your vehicle so far, and they're sure to please both Apple and Android users alike. Announced earlier today at CES in Las Vegas, the KW-V950BW and the KW-M855BW are the company's first receivers to offer both wireless and wired access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

These latest product offerings from JVC replace last year's models, now allowing for the ability to connect up to five devices wirelessly at the same time so everyone in the car can have a chance to play their music. With Apple CarPlay, you're able to listen to music directly from your personal library or from an app like Apple Music. You'll also be able to give it access to your smartphone's messages, navigation, and communication apps. Siri can be accessed as well. On the other hand, Android Auto works similarly allowing you to utilize the Google Assistant and access your most essential apps as needed.

With the latest upgrade, the receivers now support Miracast allowing you to wirelessly duplicate an Android device's screen onto its display, though this feature only works while your vehicle is parked. There are several advanced display modes now added as well, which allow you to set a specific view for your screen while you're driving down the road. Maybe you want to always have it showing the album art of your currently playing song, or the current time, vehicle performance data, or photos from your phone. The choice is up to you. The number of camera inputs has been upgraded from two to three as well, now allowing for front and rear views, along with one to help keep a check on your blind spots.

Among their other features include SiriusXM Satellite Radio compatibility, high-resolution audio playback, built-in digital signal processing, and the ability to control them using an app on your phone. While a release date has not been announced as of yet, the KW-V950BW is set to be priced at $699.95 while the KW-M855BW will be priced at $599.95 — the main difference between the two being the first model's integrated CD/DVD player.

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