Leaked document reveals DiCaprio's importance as Steve Jobs to Sony

Leaked documents from the Sony Pictures hack reveal why the studio had pulled out from producing the Steve Jobs biopic based on Walter Isaacson's biography. According to the leak of Sony's internal forecast of the film, the studio projected that revenue for the movie would drop by as much as 25 percent after Leonardo DiCaprio, originally cast for the role of Jobs, pulled out. The movie is said to still be on track under Universal after Sony withdrew.

According to a report on Fusion based on the Sony hack:

For example, one spreadsheet showed that revenue projections for the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic fell by 25 percent once Leonardo DiCaprio pulled out of the project, and Christian Bale was cast in his place.

Since DiCaprio has pulled out, the role was recast to Christian Bale, but Bale had subsequently withdrew as well.

Source: Fusion

Chuong H Nguyen