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Lenovo's goal to "surpass" Apple, Samsung with Motorola deal

Lenovo successfully stewarded the ThinkPad brand after it acquired the laptop business from IBM. Now it plans to do the same with Motorola smartphones, following its acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google in a deal valued at $2.91 billion. That's the word from Yuanqing Yang, Lenovo's CEO, in an interview posted by Fortune.

With Motorola, Lenovo will be the No. 3 smartphone maker worldwide. Do you think your company can catch up with Apple (AAPL) or Samsung, who are still far ahead of you? And how long will it take?Definitely, over time. Our mission is to surpass them.

Lenovo has aggressive plans for the smartphone market. They plan to double the combined sales of smartphones between their existing business and Motorola's by 2015. They have their eyes on emerging markets, have a strong presence in China and now will be competing in markets where Motorola has a strong presence.

In the space of a week, the landscape of the smartphone market has changed pretty dramatically. It'll be interesting to see what happens from here.

Source: Fortune

  • Lenovo will own the low-mid Android market for sure. Samsung will still own the premium market. HTC, LG and all others will continue to burn money. Posted via the Android iMore App! on BlackBerry Z30
  • I bought an LG flip phone way long ago and it was crap, so much that I decided to boycott LG. Until I was forced to get another LG phone because of the Nexus. Their Nexus 4 really changed my mind about LG. Incredibly better than the Samsung Nexus phones in every single way, minus the Galaxy Nexus' contrast (screen) and the removable battery. Couldn't stand the sort of grainy Pentile display on the Galaxy Nexus and S. I wish people would take LG more seriously and not just immediately dismiss them. The LG Nexus 5 is absolutely amazing.
  • Most modern smartphones are good. I really don't think there is a bad one per se. It comes down to personal preference, which phone the sales rep pushes more, and the brand equity attached to it. LG phone was next to the BlackBerry Z30 when I was testing it, so I know the LG phone was nice too. Posted via the Android iMore App! on BlackBerry Z30
  • I agree. I briefly had a LG G2, besides the ill-conceived experiment with the controls on the back, it was a great piece of hardware. The screen was the first I've seen on a mobile device.
  • I agree, I don't think this will impact Samsung much at all when it comes to Android. It is HTC, LG and the smaller manufacturers that are going to suffer. Apple is niche basically. It is a unique product in mainstream smartphone industry. Yes it is #2 but it doesn't really compete in the internal Android market.Meaning Samsung vs. HTC. Apples competition is Apple vs. Samsung hence Android vs. iOS and that is a personal decision that is typically driven by other reasons, whether they are just Apple haters or the hardcore techies that want to do that thing. For me it has never been the mod thing. I am a hardcore techie and I have never jailbroken an iPhone and I have had them all but the original. (Didn't want another edge phone)
  • I wish apple could do what moto did and build an assembly plant in the US. I'd be back on iOS the first device it rolled out.
  • Go for it! Competition is good for everyone! The better Lenovo does in mobile, the better Samsung does, the better Apple has to do.
  • I'm hoping this doesn't mean pulling a Samsung and releasing mediocre phones for every mobile niche you can think of. In order to get ahead, Lenovo will have to break Motorola free from the clutches of Verizon.
  • If that was not the goal, it would be silly to buy into the game. That doesn't mean they'll succeed, but I hope they release some kickass devices to keep Samsung honest in the Android space and both Samsung and Apple on their toes.
  • +1
    More competition = better for consumers.
  • Do they really believe that we, the costumers, are so stupid to see the level of success of a company by the number of phones being sold? Are we really going to keep talking about the amount of lumias 520 being sold and, somehow, translate that as: Windows is going to surpass the iPhone! Or the number of galaxy aces, gio, y and other crap and translate that to: Samsung is leader! To surpass, selling more or less by itself is irrelevant. To surpass, you have to make something better. To surpass, you have to make more money. To surpass, you must have a better ecosystem. That's why the Mac platform surpassed Windows a long time ago. That's why iOS still is by far the target. That's why Samsung isn't number 2, Google is. That's also why lenovo will never reach or surpass them. They should focus on Windows phone. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I really have loved their products as of late [Yoga, etc]. I think with the magic Moto put into the X [one of the best experience phones on the market, IMHO] plus Lenovo's international strength, we could see them back their words OR at least give them a run for their money. I'd love to see Samsung knocked down some notches but don't care if they become #1...just compete in the double digits.
  • i wouldn't expect a ceo to respond in any other way. lenovo surpassing (not sure what that means...units shipped/sold?) samsung and apple at some point is possible. probability is another issue altogether. in any case, competition is good...hopefully lenovo retains the googlish quality of the X and G in future devices. [EDIT: just reviewed the source. "surpass" appears (to me) to mean units sold.]
  • If Lenovo's goal is to make the most and not the best, they may succeed :)
  • They'll get there if they make quality products like the moto x and g are with minimal if no bloatware at all and great quality products, especially the moto g given its pricing. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I only wondering how can Google looses so much money! Not sure how much but around 9 billion dollar! Sent from the iMore App
  • Should be interesting two years! I can wait to see what comes out of this deal. Sent from the iMore App
  • This is all hilariously funny. Motorola was a terrible fit for Google, in terms of management style and overall corporate culture. And they're both American companies. I wonder how well Motorola's old-school 'Murrican engineers will get along with their new Chinese management overlords. Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year!