Lenovo's goal to "surpass" Apple, Samsung with Motorola deal

Lenovo successfully stewarded the ThinkPad brand after it acquired the laptop business from IBM. Now it plans to do the same with Motorola smartphones, following its acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google in a deal valued at $2.91 billion. That's the word from Yuanqing Yang, Lenovo's CEO, in an interview posted by Fortune.

With Motorola, Lenovo will be the No. 3 smartphone maker worldwide. Do you think your company can catch up with Apple (AAPL) or Samsung, who are still far ahead of you? And how long will it take?Definitely, over time. Our mission is to surpass them.

Lenovo has aggressive plans for the smartphone market. They plan to double the combined sales of smartphones between their existing business and Motorola's by 2015. They have their eyes on emerging markets, have a strong presence in China and now will be competing in markets where Motorola has a strong presence.

In the space of a week, the landscape of the smartphone market has changed pretty dramatically. It'll be interesting to see what happens from here.

Source: Fortune

Peter Cohen