The Littlest Black Book for iPod Nano

It's April Fool's so our inbox is flooding with pranks both delightful and disturbing. There aren't many that really pertain to iPhones or iPads. We mentioned Google's 8-bit Maps and Gmail Tap earlier, but here are a few more that show some effort, creativity, charm, and/or humor.

Littlest Black Book for iPod nano

Leanna and I scored a sneak preview of the Littlest Black Book at Macworld 2012, and while it may have started out as a fun April Fool's project, Pad & Quill has gone ahead and put it up on Kickstarter to gauge interest on an actual production run.

Out of all the stuff we've seen so far today, this one is the only real keeper. It's incredibly cute, and would make a great novelty gift. If you're looking for something different for the nano, check it out. (Lego Storm Trooper not included.)

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Barbie Digital Fashion Styling Head for iPad

Barbie Digital Fashion Styling Head for iPad

ThinkGeek continues to have fun with April Fool's day, though this year I have to say the Barbie Digital Fashion Styling Head for iPad is nowhere near as ambitious or as impressive as last year's Playmobile Apple Store. Frankly, I'm posting it simply as an excuse to link back to the Playmobile Apple Store. Again.

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Hungry Hungry Hippo for iPad

Better is ThinkGeek's Hungry Hungry Hippo for iPad. A spoof on the classic kids game, it shows real plastic hippos eating virtual iPad hippo balls (or whatever they're called). If that doesn't light your retro fire, you can wake for their promised sequel: Hungry Hungry Hippos: Space!.

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New iPad Opening Tool

iFixit brings their quasi-hyperbolic ranting against Apple's non-user-servicable iOS devices to April Fool's day with a spoof New iPad Opening Tool. It's imaginative goal? To get inside Apple's latest tablet without needing "industrial strength suction cups, a heavy-duty 1500 watt heat gun, a dozen plastic spacers, and about an hour of careful heating and prying."

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If you come across any other good ones, let us know and we'll add them in!

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