Source: Apple

What you need to know

  • London's National Portrait Gallery announced a new portrait of Jony Ive is now on display.
  • The portrait was made by Andreas Gursky and portrays Ive in an all-white outfit at Apple Park.
  • The image is on display now in room 32 of the gallery.

London's National Portrait Gallery on Friday announced the addition of a portrait of former Apple designer Sir Jonathan Ive. The image, taken at Apple Park, was commissioned by Andreas Gursky.

The image was shared on Instagram with a caption about Ive's life and career:

Jony Ive is one of the leading figures in contemporary design. Described by founder Steve Jobs as 'his creative partner' Ive joined Apple in 1992. From his early cutting-edge designs for the iMac and iPhone to realising the vision of Apple Park in 2017, his role has been central to Apple's progressive ambition and success. As one of a few portraits by Andreas Gursky and the only portrait commission he has undertaken for a public museum, this newest addition to our collection reflects a long-standing professional admiration between two leading creative figures.

Over the summer, Apple announced Ive would be departing the company to form his own independent design firm, with Apple as a client. Gursky's portrait beautifully sums up the designer, portraying him in a minimalist all-white outfit surrounded by one of his last designs.

Visitor's will find Ive's portrait on display in room 32 of the gallery.