Apple Retail Store

The annual "Luck Bag" sale is returning again to Japanese brick-and-mortar Apple retail stores on January 2nd to celebrate the new year. The sale, which sees customers forking over a specified chunk of cash in exchange for, well, a bag. In that bag they'd find a mystery assortment of accessories and devices, occasionally worth far more than the buyer had paid — hence the "lucky" part.

Last year's lucky bag sale saw customers paying around US$340 and getting at a minimum a $99 Incase backpack, Mophie iPhone battery pack, a few other random accessories and an Apple device of some variety. Most got something small like an iPod nano, while others walked away winners with more than they paid for — like an iPad Air or MacBook Air.

As in previous years, Apple is restricting Lucky Bag purchases to just one per customer. If you're interested (and in Japan on January 2nd), you can check out the details at the source link below.

Source: Apple Japan; Via: 9to5Mac