Microsoft Announces iPod touch Zune HD!

So, two and a half years ago Microsoft released what was basically their version of the 2005 video iPod. Now, some two years after Apple released the iPod touch, WMExperts (via Engagdet and CNET) tells us Microsoft has confirmed... the Zune HD, a wide screen, capacitive, solid-state media player.

At 272x480, it's not quite as wide as the iPhone's 360x480, much less the high-end Windows Mobile handsets like the Touch HD's 480x800. But like we said, it is capacitive (which is strangely still unsupported by WinPho) and what pixels it has are OLED, which will hopefully motivate Apple to give the next generation iPhone the same treatment.

Other features include HD radio support and something nobody can believe they didn't do from the outset: integrate it with the Xbox product line.

We're still left wondering, however, is this really a business Microsoft needs to be in? Wouldn't Zune resources have been better used to get Windows Mobile 7 out last year instead of next when it could be, you know, competitive?!

Rene Ritchie

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