Microsoft's Ballmer to Try and Pre-empt Apple, Introduce HP Tablet Tonight?

UPDATE: According to WMExperts liveblog, it was a Tablet PC by HP running Windows 7 and called -- wait for it -- the Slate. Yes, named after Apple's latest tablet name rumor. Looks chunky, and its using a desktop OS. Okay.

ORIGINAL: So the rumor is Steve is about to introduce a new tablet device -- no, not Steve Jobs of Apple, but his nemesis Steve Ballmer of Microsoft -- and he's rumored to be doing it tonight at CES!

Our sibling site, WMExperts, has the details and Dieter and Phil will be there live covering Ballmer's keynote at 9:30pm ET, 6:30pm PT, 2:30am GT (tomorrow morning, yeah?)

Will it be the crazy courier concept we saw before? More Tablet PC tomfoolery? Surface-to-go? And if Apple is unicorns, is this the pegasus?

And does this have any effect on Apple's rumored iTablet show on Jan. 27? Or does Apple just ignore what everyone else is doing, as usual, and show up with what they got?

Rene Ritchie

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