Microsoft's two Kins and the cloud

In this post are two Kins. We will link to them now. Microsoft's new two Kins. "Social phones" sure to wow.

Project Pink (no not that one) but with a name that's all new. Two phones Microsoft's calling Kin One and Kin Two.

These Kins won't have App Stores, they're for tweens and for fun. All Facebook and Twitter for tweens on the run.

They will have media and browsers (yes it's IE). They'll even hook to Macs. (Drive-mode USB).

So add to Xbox and Zune, Windows and Azune, two Kins for the cloud (and branding? No matter!)

Neither TiPb nor I have much more to say. Windows Phone 7, after all, was just yesterday.

But at least Google and Microsoft still aren't making phones. Who's next not to make one we wonder... Nintendo? Amazon?

Rene Ritchie

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