Apple Store-within-a-store coming to a Target near you

AppleInsider reports that Apple will be bringing mini "store-within-a-store" setups to 25 different Target locations around the country.

The initial opening would be a small start, given that Target, the second-largest discount retail chain in the US, operates 1752 stores in the US. Apple has opened 359 of its own retail stores globally, 245 of which are in the US.

Apple is likely just testing the waters with Target, which should ultimately help expand their reach in the retail space. Apple already does this at the largest electronics retail outlet, Best Buy, with around 600 mini "Apple Shops" that have been met with great success.

Apple will presumably focus on iOS devices at first -- iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod touch -- as well as their standalone music players like the iPod Classic and iPod Nano.

Source: AppleInsider

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