Minuum lifts the veil on their resizing keyboard for iOS 8

Minuum has previewed their upcoming keybaord for iOS 8. The Minuum's keyboard is built around a powerful autocorrect and has its own predictive text interface. But the most notable feature of the keyboard is its ability to resize.

minuum gif

Minuum can be completely condensed, bringing all letters into a single row. The goal of the condensed keyboard is to create a solid typing experience for people who have a harder time typing on a touchscreen keyboard. Minuum's autocorrect engine removes the need for precision typing, while giving you more room to see the rest of your screen. You can also use Minuum in a standard layout in order to better teach the autocorrect.

Minuum hopes to be available with iOS 8 later this year. If you're interested in checking out more, you can go to Minuum's iOS keyboard website to sign up. Are you looking forward to Minuum coming to iOS? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Minuum

Joseph Keller

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