MobileMe: iDisk to Make Large File Transfer Easy, iWork to go WebApp?

While TiPb is still waiting on Mobile iChat (SchillerNote Macworld bullet-point perhaps?), at least MobileMe isn't taking time off for the holidays. In addition to an update for their browser-side PIM services, fresh rumors abound of iWork -- Apple's word processing Pages, presentation making Keynote, and spread sheeting Numbers -- going WebApps (think Google Docs with buttery Apple-crafted UI). Ars Technica says:

"Magic" could refer to a few things, but my best guess is that it will be a new iWork component or application that will allow some kind of online sharing, collaboration, or application access. It's possible that Apple will indeed introduce iWork web application at the Macworld Expo, but if that's the case then I think they'll be offered as part of the existing suite, or as an add-on component, rather than as groundbreaking overhaul.

What seems more certain, and certainly handy, is this catch by TUAW:

Soon a new feature in iDisk will make it simple to share files too big for email. iDisk will automatically send a message with a simple link. The recipient will just click the link to download the file.

Official iDisk integration for the iPhone would be a nifty holiday treat as well. OS 2.3 please?

Rene Ritchie

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