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New MobileMe to include music storage and cost $20 a year?

According to The Music Void, Apple is pushing hard to re-launch its MobileMe service this April. The new MobileMe service is said to include a music storage service, to be called Locker.

Again we hear the term, “from informed sources”, this time telling The Music Void that Apple has already sealed a deal with Warner. Apple is using that to leverage the other music labels to get the deals done in time for the supposed launch in April. The Locker service would provide an online backup or storage solution for music which could then be accessed via any iPad, iPod touch or iPhone device linked to the same iTunes account. In other words Cloud Storage! The new MobileMe service is rumored to come with a subscription price of $20 a year.

Would you use the Locker music service? Would it be worth $20 a year? Let us know in the comments!

[The Music Void via 9to5 Mac]

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  • $20 a Year or $20 a Month? Article says both.
  • I don't see both.
  • It was fixed.
  • Not for $20 month.
  • Says both?!
  • $20 a year, my typo, sorry!
  • I'd probably go with it for $20.00 a year.
  • What the point to upload music to on-line storage if it is already there in iTunes store? Should be something like Spotify for sure
  • I've the same question. If it is already on the iTunes store, it already is in The Cloud, as far as I'm concerned. Why not just stream or allow access from there? Also, it would save Apple some storage having just one repository: just one file vs storing the same file multiple times. Unless, many accessing the one file would be an issue
  • Because not everyone bought all their music from iTunes. I have music that I ripped to MP3 from CDs I bought back in the 90s. So unless Apple's going to allow me to access any song from iTunes for free, that I already have a copy of, then our own, personal, storage space would be needed.
  • Sounds good but I only get 1.5g of data a month from O2 uk so it's no I will not be getting it
  • Absolutely !!!!! ..
  • Would the $20 be in addition to the $99/yr regular MobileMe subscription cost or would it replace the $99/yr subscription???
  • this, my friend, it The Question.
  • is***
  • I think this service should be free.
  • Pay for the device, pay for the music, pay to store it, pay to access it. Pay pay pay. And never really own it because you can't lend it or sell it (like a used CD or LP).
    No thanks.
  • For you sir, I recommend whistling while you work. :)
  • He's actually got a very good point.
  • If thats the case. Pay for the device, jailbreak it for all the free apps, steal the music thru mp3 sites. Would you be happy then?
  • Ohya
  • Why should this be free? $20 a year seems pretty cheap, even if it is in addition to what we pay now, especially if we can upload stuff we own. Then again, they should just go ahead and do what LaLa did.
  • Mobile Me is worth the $99 I currently pay, so $20 sounds great!
  • thats how we feel in our house hold... and we have the family pack!
  • That's much better than 100 bucks a year, I'd be in.
  • FREE!
    Otherwise I'll just keep as-is!
  • Also, why can't APL finance it with iAds?
  • ABSOLUTELY! I've ben waiting for this! Storing my iTunes music/movies in the cloud is what I really need. With my optic fibre super fast internet that is perfect! No more need to store everything on external drives and carry them around! BRILLIANT!
  • Let's see. Pay $99.00 per year without cloud storage.
    Pay $20.00 per year with cloud storage..........WINNING!
  • For sure!
  • Definitely, I would pay $20/year for it.
    Lol @ people too cheap to pay $20 for a service.
  • Yes for 20$ a year I will opt in for that cloud service hoping to clean my Macs and iOS devices. Where do I sign up
  • Yawn. I think I'd rather have itunes on demand music than pay to stream my own music (and I dont want crapsody).
  • I really don't think this is going to be letting you upload your music collection, especially if it did not come from itunes. What I suspect is going to happen is that it will be a log of all the songs you bought that you can either re-download again or maybe stream from Apple's servers.
  • I agree. Why else Apple would need to sign deals with the record companies?
  • Does that mean I will get a refund?
  • I'm currently paying over $100/year to sync everything I've got to the cloud. $20/year? Seriously? In a heartbeat!
  • If it's replacing the $99/year and will allow music, data storage, synching of any of my idevices (5)on any computer,
    anywhere in the world? Then YES !!!
  • I Agree Completely!!
  • I would consider it only if it would auto sync my entire devices data, not just music and video, so I don't have to use iTunes to backup and update the OS. Otherwise its no different than all the other free services out there. I can already get free online storage and I am not interested in streaming my own stuff from the cloud. I can already do that from my iTunes account and don't ever do it.
    If it provided enough space to store all my photos and I could access them as if they were in my device, then I might consider it for that.
  • I'd pay 20 per year but would like to store my photos, music and files. That however is about 100gb. Can yu see me getting that for 20 per year ??????
  • I wonder if this would allow you to store CD you've rip or music you've purchased from other stores or just music you've brought from iTunes.
  • Do the other MobileMe services remain? If so, then yes... I mean why not.. I'm already paying $100/year... so $20/year is a screaming bargain...
    If it doesn't contain the existing MM services, then probably not...
  • ^This
    Not interested in the music storage thing, but would be very interested in the $20 a year MM price point.
    And presumably the refund I'd receive for this years subscription I paid in january ;-)
  • All I want is email/calendar/contacts... and not pay for it. I don't like Gmail on the iPhone email app using the stock email app.
  • Jeff, Have you tried setting up gmail for the native email app using the MS exchange option on your phone so that you can get Cal,Cont,Mail all in sync? Google has a great article on how to do this...
  • I use that like that now. so incase if my iphone crashes, or for some reason i had to restore my iphone and i am not near my computer that the back it stored, i can just add gmail as MS Exchange, and it syncs my contacts, calendars and emails that was on gmail with no problems. ..
  • Umm so I have a question about this. I have so much music on my computer I use portable external hard drive to sync my iPhone. So does this mean I could essentially get rid of my external hard drive and sync my iPhone?
  • $20 a year. Yes sir.
  • I do not understand why this would be a good thing for anyone but the carriers. Mobile bandwidth is expensive (for the consumer), compared to memory. I already have to limit my pandora use.
  • It's a good start; more features (services) and a lower price. I'd be tempted but what i really need is to backup my phone's personalized settings.
    While we're at it, I would love to be able to backup multiple "profiles" that I could store on mobileme and download on demand - For example when I'm over at Friends and Family its always the same routine; They want to know what new piece of tech I have and can they see it. With my iPhone I'm not really comfortable letting them poke through my contacts photos email etc.. even if its just to get a feel for the interface. But if i could load up a blank or minimal profile I could let them go through the phone with out worrying that they may accidentally delete or change something without my knowledge. Then when they're done playing, i could reload my profile back :D
  • For full mozy style syncing, definitely. For iTunes content only, no.
  • What about all of your CDs that you ripped into iTunes or the music that you bought from Amazon? How will those be handled?
  • I would be extremely happy at $20/year or say, $50 or $60 for a family pack. Half price would be perfect.
  • Yeah. $20 a year for piece of mind.
  • uh.. if mobileme goes from $99 to $20. i'm gamer then game!
  • For anyone complaining about paying $20 a year to store their music in the cloud, consider this... You've already paid hundreds in hard drive space to store it on your computer or external drive which could fail at any moment regardless of how new it is.
    Pay $20 a year for:
    1. Easy, remote access. Possibly multiple user access with same account login.
    2. Mobile entertainment without eating up your iDevice space.
    3. No more cables or hard drive to mess with.
    4. Peace of mind. Never worry about losing your files.
    5. It's Apple AND "It just works"
  • Takes long enough to download a 660mb iPhone update. how long do you think I'd be waiting to re-download an iTunes library over 300gb?
    I don't think it's intended as a backup service for peace of mind.
  • If I can store all of my music, not just iTunes purchases, I'm in. I have a lot live music that isn't available through iTunes (free and legal from etree,, etc.) If I can't store that, then it's useless to me.
  • For $20/year? Absolutely!!
  • For $20 dollars a year this is a no brainer!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!
  • Would it just be music from my iTunes or video too? Video would be cool and totally worth $20/year.
  • $20 a year is that bad. I would sign up.
  • Certainly not. I have cloud storage and online backups for free already. From day 1, Apple should have offered re-download in case you lost the electronic copy you purchased and I will not pay extra for storage on their servers.
  • Absolutely! If the entire mobileme is for $20/year I'm in!