MobileMe Phishing Scam Round 2

Not long ago we brought to your attention a phishing scam that was going around to some MobileMe customers, we then reported that Apple addressed the scam in their MobileMe blog. Well Apple Insider is now reporting that round 2 is just begining.

In this latest scam, an email is going around that says there are some issues with the users subscription renewal information. It then goes on to direct them to a link to update their credit card information. You can see the exact email that MobileMe customers are receiving below. Notice there is not a single MobileMe logo?

Here are some great tips from Rene:


blockquote>REMEMBER: Don’t EVER believe email requests for secure data. Go to the site yourself (not through their link — type it in) and log in and see if there really is a problem. Check domain names carefully. isn’t the same as, they’re just hoping you don’t notice. Worried about the recent DNS poisoning attacks? Use HTTPS/SSL or use a direct IP address. If in any doubt, pick up a phone and call Apple (or your credit card company) directly.

Head on over to Apple Insider for the full story with detailed pictures.

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