Ah, blogger David G., we barely knew you, and now you're gone, without even that "later this week" post you promised us way back when. Just this sad, lonely little missive, titled "Final Post":

This will be the last MobileMe Status posting. Instead, we have redesigned the MobileMe Support page so it’s clearer and has an enlarged area, now in the upper right hand corner, to report on system status. This is the place to go if you’re experiencing a problem and want to know if it’s related to an issue with our servers. It’s also the page to visit if you’re looking for general information about setting up MobileMe on different computers and devices, for answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

But don't cry for good, old, anonymized David G. Oh no. He and the newly Microsoft-free MobileMe team, fresh under the totalitarian loving guidance of Eddy Cue, VP Internet Services, and direct report of Steve Jobs, have launched the all new, all different MobileMe News:

In addition we’ve created a new place for regular posts about all parts of the service, including enhancements, updates, explanations, fixes, support announcements, and other news as it arrives. MobileMe News is now accessible via a link on the right hand side of the tool bar at me.com, and we expect to update it frequently.

Current top news? You guess it, the additional 60 day MobileMe extension.

We'll see how much effort Apple puts into this page. Personally, I'm nonplussed. While I applaud the usually Kremlin-eque Apple for taking what was surely very painful -- albeit equally tentative - steps towards openness with this brief little foray into blogging, I can't help but think a more genuine effort to connect with their customer base would be a Good Thing.

Apple likes to control the media cycle around their product releases, and they're masterful at it. What they aren't masterful at -- and worse, what they don't understand they aren't masterful at -- is controlling the media cycle around their mistakes. Wouldn't better blogging go a long way to helping with that?

(Thanks Chad for the extra info!

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