Updated: MobileMe WebApp Gets New Front Page Look

Updated: Apple's MobileMe News talks updates:

We've recently made improvements to the MobileMe web applications, including performance enhancements for MobileMe Calendar. In addition the MobileMe login page now also includes news information. See this support article for additional details.

Fiendmish in the comments also points us to Apple's Knowledge Base article on the subject. Thanks!

Original: Login to MobileMe's WebApp yet today? Well if you have, you've seen what we've seen -- Apple put a fresh coat of paint to the front login page, shuffling the big icons off to the side and clearing some space for a little marketing front and center.

I like the new look, but I can't tell yet if there's anything changed under the covers? File sharing was the last update, anyone see anything else?

Rene Ritchie

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