Mossberg: Apple "Point of Spear" in Web 3.0 Platforms. Oh, and Steve Jobs!

Yahoo! Finance is running some commentary from WSJ tech-guru Walt Mossberg and while everyone is quick to point out that Apple is not at his All-Things Digital D7 conference this year (that's keeping all our sibling sites and busy), they're still the super smartphone in the room:

With the iPhone and iTouch, Apple is the "tip of the spear" when it comes to the next generation of handheld devices and what Mossberg is calling Web 3.0. The veteran tech journalist notes with awe the numbers Apple is putting up:

  • 40M devices sold in 2 years
  • 40K+ apps and 1 billion downloads in 10 months

That kind of excitement among developers, he says, hasn’t been seen since the arrival of PCs in the 80s and websites in the ‘90s.

Mossberg also, as per every statement Apple's made to date, expects Steve Jobs back in late June. (Even as rumor has it Jobs paid a visit to Apple's Cupertino headquarters as recently as yesterday!)

(Via MacDaily News)

Rene Ritchie

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