Motorola teases new tablet, says iPad is "just a big iPhone"

It looks as if Motorola is trying to build some hype around their upcoming tablet which will be announced at CES 2011. This ad also pretty much confirms the fact that it will be running Honeycomb as well. The current teaser ad is quite humorous as it compares famous tablets through the centuries such as the Rosetta Stone, the Egyptian Hieroglyphic tablet, the Mayan calendar tablet, and you guessed it - the iPad. The video basically spans hundreds of years and weighs out the pros and cons of each tablet.

When the video reaches the iPad, it's only described as -

"It's like a giant iPhone, but... it's like a giant iPhone."

It then proceeds to pan out and look at the Galaxy Tab, which they list running a mobile OS as a con. The whole campaign is quite intriguing. Do you guys think the iPad is like a giant iPhone or do you think that's just the best Motorola could come up with? I still think a better comparison (read: fair) will be able to be made when the iPad 2 is announced.

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  • Hilarious!!!!!
  • I've said it before...saying that the iPad is just a big iPhone is a lot like saying a home theater is just a big TV set. 1) It's not entirely accurate and 2) Even if it was, why do you say that like it's a bad thing?
  • This is a stupid video. How can they call the ipad a huge iphone, when ios works seamlessly on the ipad. All the apps use the extra rel estate for a better experience.
    @Andrew C-K great reasoning.
  • In the way they are right. It just doesn't have the phone app.
    Then again, all current android tablets do not make use of the large screen.
    but really people. Calm down. Its OK for ypu to bash andoid, but its not ok for others to bash iOS?
  • And when Honeycomb comes out for Android phones (in slow unpredictable trickles of course), won't it just be a giant Droid X running a phone OS?
  • They call it a giant iPhone because of the fact it runs iOS I would assume. So in the same comparison this should be called a "giant" Droid X.
  • I'm a big, big Apple defender. Own an iPhone 4 and it's the best that's out there right now. But the Moto tablet is going to run Honeycomb. An actual OS for a tablet. If it comes out on the phones then so be it. But I agree that the iPad is a big iPhone/iPod touch. It runs the same OS.
  • If it wasn't for the iPad, this moto tablet wouldn't exist. No one on this industry other than apple has the balls to do anything risky or innovative so they let apple test the waters and then copy. They can rag on the iPad all they want but it doesn't change the fact that they are playing catch up to a device and a company that they are indebted to.
  • I like my ipad but it really isnt much different frm an ipod touch or iphone. I say bring on the competition. If apple keeps the ipad software the same with all its limitations i may just upgrade to something else later on.
    I love my ipad but calling it a big iphone/ipod touch isnt far off. IOS apps are saving it but still, it needs less limitations if apple wants to keep their top spot or just to make it better for users
  • Xavier, nope, you are wrong. "Honeycomb" (Android 3.0) is not some magical "OS for a tablet", it's just a next version of android (the smartphone OS from Google), which will ship after "Gingerbread" (Android 2.3).
  • Obviously the ones who say that the iPad is a big iPhone don't have both.
    Almost every application on the iPad is 3x better than the iPhone version.
    Yes, apps on the iPad are designed for iPad, not simple blown up versions of the iPhone.
  • The post killed the punchline, so it was hardly amusing, watching. The tease doesn't really make me all that interested, but at least I know the product (will) exist(s).
  • I don't think the same exact version of Honeycomb will be on the phones as well will they? I was under the impression that Honeycomb was designed specifically for tablets and will have a counterpart for smartphone that will be designed specifically for smartphones. Regardless, being a huge iPhone/iPad fan, it is kind of true that they're very similar indeed and the only thing differentiating the OS from one to the other are the third party apps.
  • I don’t think the same exact version of Honeycomb will be on the phones as well will they?
    Of course not, because HTC will put Sense on it. Samsung will put iOS-rip... eh.. i mean TouchWiz on it, etc.
  • Wait, hold up? Why is it more "fair" to compare a 1st gen Moto tablet to Apple's 2nd attempt? That makes little to no sense. Oh wait, its posted on the fanboy tipb site, I got it now.
    These bloggers are SO DUMB! For real!
  • Whoever says an iPad is a big iPhone have not spend significant time with both, plain and simple. The IPad specific apps are the differentiator.
  • This is really great commercial. Ingenious marketing, while maybe a little off about the iPad's description.
  • Something's incomplete at the end part of the teaser. May I?
    It's a letter "M", but it's just a letter.
  • Timberz: it's fair to compare the 2nd Gen iPad against the new Motorola release because they will be directly competing in stores. The 1st Gen iPad is almost done. Your idea would be like comparing Assassin's Creed vs the original Call of Duty, instead of vs Black Ops.
  • @timberz and that's why you quoted antwon Dodson..
  • and thats why you guys are being attack by some idiots in the proje- erm motorolla
  • Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with some of the comments above. If the iPad is like a giant iPhone, then this Moto tablet will be a giant DroidX. Those 'giant iPhone' comments were thrown around when the iPad was first announced. And no one (including myself) thought much of it. Now everyone and their mama is making a tablet/pad/tab. So guess what, that pretty much negates that 'giant phone' business since everybody joined the party.
  • Motos marketing people need to wake up. Calling the iPad a big iPhone is only a negative to gadget nerds, and probably half of them know that that's not particularly accurate.
    My mom in Indiana only knows that the iPhone is one of the best phones out there (that everybody has) and if there's a littlle bitty computer out there being compared to an iPhone, it's probably not that bad. It might even be great.
    Dumb dumb dumb.
    Smart marketing knows to never directly compare your product to the competition. It always backfires.
  • Runs iOS, has pretty much the same exterior to an iPhone... No matter how hard you try and defend the iPhone.. Common sense will hopefully kick in.
  • It is a big iphone. But that's what many want.
    The only real difference is the size of screen. Isn't this obvious?
    I don't see why people take offense.
    For example, what if we said iphones (ipod touches too) are nothing but smaller iPads? Would you sit and take offense? Would you say no iphone is much less than a smaller ipad? An iphone 4 is IMO the best mobile (in your pocket) device ever created.
  • The "it's just a big iPhone" or "just a big iPod touch" is said in a denigrating way, but think about it some more. That sounds like a huge plus to me. Web browsing, email, games, movies will all be better on the larger device. It isn't a great negative ad as it implies a big iPhone is a bad thing, when in reality, it is a great thing.
    The iPhone class of phone is really just the tip of the arrow heralding finger-touch tablet or slate computing. It's not a phone really. It's a touch tablet computer for your pocket. The iPad is a 9.7" version. Various Android versions are 3.7, 4, 4.3, 5, and 7 inch versions. Eventually, when tablets can be made really light, 12" and 15" versions will be available. 1.5 lb is still a little heavy for the iPad. When a 10" tablet hits 1 lb, the category may become the dominant computing category.
    Lastly, Moto better bring it. Just like RIM, who's mouthing off about their entrant, it's put up or shut-up. The products are infinitely beautiful on paper or in the labs where they basically exist in our imaginations, but when it hits consumers hands, it better be good.
  • I don't understand where motorola fits in (in the ad). But yes. The iPad is like a gaint iPhone... But without the phone. And the camera. And the other camera. And the resolution.
    I'm waiting for iPad 2 so hopefully I have an iPad that is a giant iPhone!
  • This makes me upset because before they introduce their product, they want to talk down upon the industry instead of taking what each did right and build upon it. All i can say is.... iPad 2. Coming soon...
  • If an iPad is a big iPhone then a pool is a giant bathtub
  • I own an iPad that I use daily and I think it's just a big iPhone (especially since I have an iPhone 4 as well). Granted, multitasking has made it more usable, but there's little else to differentiate it from the iPhone. In fact, it has half the RAM, making multitasking less useful.
    That being said, I think it's hard to beat in the battery department. An Android tablet would no doubt be much more functional (and closer to a laptop replacement), but it would also burn through battery much faster, making it a less viable option for certain circumstances.
  • @Cardfan
    Actually the iPhone is a big IPad since iOS was created for a tablet but Steve J. Decided to use it for a phone first. iPad was actually developed first with iOS. So iOS is actually a tablet iOS not a phone iOS.
  • @ Ghop u do know how to twist things :).. iPad is a big iPhone no doubt about that but at the same time iPhone and iPad are also the most successful products in their class.
    i hope Motorola can come up with something better.. it will be good for the market.
  • It's not a big iPhone. It's a big iPod Touch.
  • A giant iPhone 4 (the best phone) would surely be the best tablet on the market? Throw in bespoke apps, an operating system tailored for the large screen and a MASSIVE user base who intuitively know how to use it and you can't lose. So, introducing the iPad 2.....
  • @Stupid Idiots
    The answer to the ipad is this.....the answer to the ipad 2 will be something down the road......
  • Agreed with Earth (comment 24)
  • I have both an iphone 4 and an ipad. The iphone 4 is a work of art. My biggest gripe with the ipad is that so many apps are still not optimized for it, making for a not so wonderful viewing experience. Hopefully this will be sorted out by the time ipad 2 rolls around. And somewhat off-topic I know--why after I view/purchase an app and return to the app store, does it revert back to the beginning (of the listings). Drives me bonkers.
  • Seems like everyone is trying to copy iPad. Competition is great. It's the americian way, well more or less. Apple will always be the product to beat. Good luck.
  • @Glenn Umm what do you mean "copy" the iPad? You do realize the iPad isn't the first tablet right?
    And for all of those saying Motorola and android should "put up or shut up" and are under the delusion that apple is ruling the smartphone market should really just look down the street and see how many different android devices they see.
    I love apple but these android devices both tablet and phones are looking better and better. The iPhone is certainly not the best phone hands down anymore unless you want the thinnest phone.
  • It seems like all of these ads acknowledge that the iPhone/iPad is better while trying to make their customers feel better about settling for less.
  • Great ad. It reminds me of Apple's "I'm a Mac" ads. Not necessarily accurate, but entertaining.
    It's funny, though, how many people here "know" that Honeycomb will also be the next Android phone OS. It may be...or not.
  • If iPad is "just a big iPhone" then Honeycomb is "just a big Turd."
  • @ Tre - "And for all of those saying Motorola and android should “put up or shut up” and are under the delusion that apple is ruling the smartphone market should really just look down the street and see how many different android devices they see."
    Reminds me of The Sixth Sense: "I see dead Android releases." 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 are all out there. Dead but they don't know it yet.
    The truth is that Android is doomed no matter how badly fragmented or de-fragmented their OS strategy is. Oracle's lawsuit will stop it dead in its tracks. And we won't see any more dead Androids wandering the earth. Why not? Because the Oracle lawsuit requires all copies of Android to be "impounded and destroyed." There won't be an out-of-court settlement. Done. Finished.
  • @ Chris Gonzales - " Its OK for ypu to bash andoid, but its not ok for others to bash iOS?"
    This is "TiPb - The #1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch blog!" If you want to shill Google products, I'm sure there's a forum for that. Somewhere else.
  • The fact of the matter is that the iPhone is a tablet as much as the iPad is. iOS is a great OS I think you will see a lot of the gaps and features filled with iOS 5 and the subsequent update throughout the second have of 2011. Obviously the iPad 2 will fill the gap from a hardware standpoint.
    My only hope is apple kills the home button on all of the iOS defies and and more touch based gestures. Who here likes the home button and who here thinks it should be gone?
  • I hate CM's that tease. Dumb!
  • Who would own and Ipad, Touch, and an Iphone really behooves me. It doesn't make sense!! At all
  • I love apple but that was a nasty ad. Can't wait to are it.
  • Is it me, or does anyone find it funny when a competing company releases a promotional vehicle like this BEFORE the item has been released to the public? Before the public has had the chance to lay their hands on it? I could not stop laughing.
    Motorola, you are a funny group of dudes. So funny, that from now on I will refer to you as simply, clowns!
  • P.S. Especially when said company calls out the most dominating product in the category.
    Yep, the word "clowns" sums up the Motorola executive team.
  • And cue up the broken SockRolid record. What's the name of that tune, "Wishful Thinking, But Delusional"? Why exactly are you so hopeful for the death of Android? Is it because the platform is outselling your beloved iOS by leaps and bounds and you just can't mentally deal with that? Is it that Android OS and the Google app functionality offer so many great features and is reiterating at such a rapid pace while iOS tries to placate you by giving you a pretty phone and screen while they take years getting that icon placeholder they call a OS to where it should be in terms of functionality? Or again, maybe you are such a rabid fanboy that you just can't stand anything competing with and beating your OS of choice. I'm curious, please let us know.
  • FAIL! It's more like a giant iPod Touch. I wasn't aware that iPads had cellular radios in them. :|
  • Lol
  • iOS competitors are like politicians, they spend more time telling you how bad the competition is rather then how good they are.
  • That was the best commercial I've seen in quite some time!
  • No lies there at all. The iPad IS a giant iPhone.
  • @Tre - Yes, it's copy the iPad.
    The iPad isn't the first tablet, and the computing concept goes back 40+ years, but Moto and Google are more then free to implement a resistive screen device with pen input all they want. They are more than free to implement a convertible laptop or convertible smartbook. Yet, here they are, designing an iPad clone.
    They are of course free to do that. They should do that. They are likely adding more desktop features. But you are not facing reality to say they are not copying the iPad when that's what they are doing.
    As for the put up or shut up, it's more about their marketing strategy. If they don't live up to the expectations they are setting, the failure will be bigger. It hurts the brand.
  • uhhhhh Watcher.... It DOES have radios in it. How the hell do you think the 3G ipads work!?